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Autosoft DMS Release 7.7.8 (August 16, 2020)

Autosoft -

The Autosoft DMS 7.7.8 release will be available on August 16, 2020. It contains valuable improvements to the Accounting, Parts, Cashier and Service applications. Learn more below.


Service Service Quotes Can Now Be Added From The Start Repair Order Screen

Benefit: Gives users a quicker, simpler workflow for adding a service quote to the repair order screen. 

Details: Users can now pull an existing service quote directly into a repair order, instead of building a quote first and then converting it to a repair order. 

To pull a service quote into a repair order, complete the following steps.

  1. Click Service.
  2. Click Repair Orders > Start Repair Order.

    The Start Repair Order screen opens.

  3. Click Quotes.

    The Quotes modal opens.


  4. Click on an active quote.

    The active quote opens.


  5. Click Pull to Existing R/O.


    The service quote is added to the repair order.

Service The Effective Rate Report Now Includes Operation Types

Benefit: Gives users the option to better determine their effective rate by excluding specific operation types.

Details: The detailed version of the Effective Rate Summary report now allows users to include the Operation Types: Repair, Maintenance, Competitive, Diesel, and Other. Users were already able to include repair order types and pay types from the report.



Parts Parts Quotes Can Now Be Pulled To Counter Sales

Benefit: Users have a quicker, simpler workflow for adding a parts quote to a counter sale.

Details: Users can now pull a parts quote to an invoice from the sales screen. The Counter Sales screen now includes a new button, "Active Quotes." When the user clicks on an open quote in the Active Quotes menu, the quote pulls into the invoice. 



Cashier Post C/S Button Added To Cashier

Benefit: Users have a quicker, simpler workflow for posting counter sales.

Details: Users can now enter the integrated parts posting screen in counter sales to post counter sales directly from Cashier.  



Accounting New Report Created To Track Document Number Changes

Benefit: Users now have a handy reference for which FlexDMS document numbers have been changed. 

Details: We have created a new report, Audit Trails, that records when a change has been made to the repair order, counter ticket, or purchase order document. Each document type (Repair Orders, Counter Slips, and Purchase Orders) has three numbers that can be changed: Start Number, Next Number, and Maximum Number. For each document type and document number, the New and Original number will be recorded in the Audit Trail report. The report lists the operator ID, date and time, document number type, original document number, and new document number. The new report will also show a user when a document number was changed, and by whom. 

Note: To print the report, the user will need to enter the 5-digit daily password.

To print the Audit Trails report, complete the following steps

  1. Click Accounting.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click Document Number.
  4. Click Print Audit Trails.

    A modal opens that prompts you to enter your 5-digit daily password.


  5. Enter the password.

    The printer prompt opens.

  6. Select To Printer, To Screen, or Export to Excel.

    If you select To Printer or To Screen, FlexDMS creates a report with alternating gray lines, for enhanced readability. If you selected Export to Excel, the report will save in the C:/ASIXL folder as a file named DocumentChangeAuditTrail.CSV.


Accounting Alternating Gray Rows Added To Several Vehicle Sales Reports

Benefit: Makes the data in a large, single-spaced lists more readable.

Details: The following reports within Vehicle Sales will now appear with alternating gray and white rows to make the data more readable for end users: Accumulated Vacation Pay and Sick time, Sales Tax List, View A/R Schedule and View A/P Schedule.

Note: The data and fields for these reports has not changed, just the look. 

"Web Download" Check Box Added To Vehicle Information Screen

Benefit: Gives users more control over which vehicles appear in a data feed or web download.

Details: A "Web Download" check box has been added to the Vehicle Information Screen. Two new fields have been added to the Vehicle Information Screen. When the field is set to "Y," the vehicle will be uploaded to any data feed through Accounting. When it is set to "N," the vehicle won't be included in any data feeds.


Additional Notes:

  • In Service, appointments and prewrites that older than 120 days are now purged from Service at the end of day. Purged Appointments and Prewrites will be saved in a temp folder in C:\ASITEXT or K:\ASITEXT.


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