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Autosoft DMS Release 7.7.7 (July 19, 2020)

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The Autosoft DMS 7.7.7 release will be available on July 19, 2020. It contains valuable improvements to the Accounting, Parts, Cashier and Service applications. Learn more below.


Accounting Alternating Gray Rows Added To Several Vehicle Sales Reports

Benefit: Makes the data in a large, single-spaced lists more readable.

Details: The following reports within Vehicle Sales will now appear with alternating gray and white rows to make the data more readable for end users: Vehicle Sales for both individuals and all salespeople, Commissions for both individuals and all salespeople, Sales Tax List, View Sales, Vehicle Sales History.


Parts Master Inventory Search Function Improved

Benefit: The search function is now more robust and user-friendly.

Details: The search function on the Master Inventory screen has been modified to work like the search function in the Queries screen. Previously, when a user clicked Search it would populate the information for the first number in the inventory file, and then the user had to use the arrow keys on either side of the Search button to navigate through part numbers. Now, users can view a list of part numbers and search by part number. To use the redesigned Master Inventory search, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Master Inventory.
  2. On the Master Inventory page, click Search at the bottom of the page.

    The Search screen opens.

  3. Enter a Base Number or Description in the fields.
  4. The part number information automatically populates on the Master Inventory menu.
  5. Optional. To print the Part Number list, click Print List.

Parts Add Queries Button To The Parts Pull Order Que Screen 

Benefit: Users can now easily return to Queries once they have added an order que to a list. 

Details: The Pull Order Queue now includes a Return To Queries button that returns the user to the Queries page when clicked. Previously, users had to manually return to the Queries page after they have added an order queue to the list.

To view the new Return To Queries button, complete the following steps.

  1. Click Parts > Queries.
  2. Click Dump To > Dump To Order Que.
  3. Click Pull Order Que to List.
  4. In the OK to pull order que Parts To List (E, D, S, A) field, enter a value.

    The Enter Purchase Orders (Update To PO) and Return To Queries buttons appear.
  5. To return to the Parts Queries page, click Return To Queries.

    The Parts Queries page opens.


Service Shortcut Keys On Service Repair Order Modified

Benefit: Simplifies the shortcut key setup.

Details: At the top of repair order pages there are underlined letters on each button. If you press ALT + a given letter, your keyboard opens that screen. Previously, some shortcut keys on the Service Repair Orders screen had the same letter underlined. This has been changed so that each button has its own shortcut key.


Service Writer Analysis Report Now Available In Two Formats

Benefit: Users can create the report in its original, simple version or an enhanced, more detailed version.

Details: When a user selects Writer Analysis from the Service Time Summary Analysis reports, they now have the option to view the classic report or an enhanced report. The enhanced version offers greater options for customization, while the classic version is more simplified.

To select which version of the Writer Analysis report you want to run, complete the following steps.

  1. Click Service.
  2. Click Reports & Updates.
  3. Click Service Time Writer Analysis.
  4. Click Writer Analysis.

    The Writer Analysis modal opens. 

  5. Click Classic or Enhanced.

    Based on which version of the report you chose, a different customization screen will open, allowing you to choose the information that is included in the report.

Classic Writer Analysis Report

Enhanced Writer Analysis Report

 Service Internal Copy From Service Repair Order Now Has Designated Printer Tray

Benefit: Service users can now print an internal copy of a digital form.

Details: The Service Printer Setup modal now lists a tray for printing internal copies. Previously, internal copies did not have their own tray.

Note: The internal copy will not print to the new tray if the repair order was done before updating. It will only print from new repair orders.



 The following bug fix was also included in the release.

  • Fixed an issue that caused 2018, 2019 and 2020 vehicles to not be recognized in the GM Labor Time Guides.



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