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July Tips & Tricks (July 16, 2020)

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Accounting Tip: Run An Out-of-balance Report

Let's restore balance. If you have an out-of-balance in your accounts receivable, accounts payable or detail forward schedule you can now run a report to locate the out-of-balance. If you run the report in accounts receivable or accounts payable, it will show you the out-of-balance. If you run the report for detail forward out-of-balance the report will show you the amount out for detail forward.

To run the report, view the schedule and click on the ~FB box, then print the report.


Fixed Ops Tip: Parts Kits Galore!

Did you know that FlexDMS empowers you to create numerous parts kits? While the parts kits are similar to pre-built lists you create on the Parts Queries screen, parts kits allow you to control the pricing for the kit and allow you to set a time frame for the kit usage. Parts kits are used for customer pay and internal sales.  You can create multiple parts kits that are used for the same service but set different pricing for each pay type as needed. At the time of sale, you can pull the corresponding pay-type kit to the document.

You can access the Parts kits you create through the Parts Inventory module, where you can pull parts kits directly to counter slips and repair orders from the Counter Sales and Service Sales screens. Also, you can pull parts kits to the Parts Queries screen.  Once the list is pulled to the Parts Queries screen, you can “dump” it to a counter slip, repair order, quote, or order que.

As always, use your F1 key to display the Help screens.


Sales and F&I Tip: Setting Notifications

Do you want to track when a vehicle is added to a deal, be aware every time a deal is created, or know right away when a deal is lost? You can set notifications in Autosoft’s Sales and F&I to alert you of events or changes to information you want to know about.

To set notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your username in the top-right corner of the page, and select Notifications from the menu that displays. 
  2. You are taken to the Notifications screen. It displays all the notifications you can select to receive. Click to select the notifications you want to set.

    Tip:  You can also see any specific deals or vehicles you’ve individually watched by clicking Watched Deals or Watched Vehicles on this same screen.

  3. Click Save when you are finished selecting the notifications.
  4. Notifications will show up in the notifications panel on the right side of any Sales and F&I screen. If the panel is closed, the caret icon will display red to indicate you have active notifications. Click the caret icon to expand the notifications panel as needed.
  5. The bell icon will identify the number of notifications you have. Click the icon to view the notifications. Hover over the notification to display options to favorite, share, view, or delete a notification.



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