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June Tips and Tricks (June 18, 2020)

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Accounting Tip: View Workstation That Made Time Clock Edits

Want to keep a closer eye on employee time clock usage? The Time Clock Edits report now includes an additional column on the far right that lists the name of the workstation used for that specific time clock entry.

To view the workstation name and ID on the Time Clock Edits report, complete the following steps.

  1. Click Accounting.
  2. Click Payroll.
  3. Click Times/Commissions.
  4. Click Time Clock.
  5. Click Maintenance.
  6. Click Edit Time Clock.
  7. Click Print.

Fixed Ops Tip: Parts Queries Screen

The Parts Queries screen provides quick access to parts pricing and stocking information from inventory and the master price tape.  It's like a search engine for the Parts application. You can create nine temporary lists, and the parts numbers entered on these lists will be saved for this client station until cleared. 

You can also do the other following actions:

  • Save temporary lists and use them to create pre-built lists that can be recalled as needed on this screen.
  • Create customer quotes and view the order que.
  • Dump a parts list to a counter slip, repair order, or order que.
  • Pull the parts kits on the Parts Queries screen to view parts pricing and stocking information for all of the parts on the list. 
  • Although you can create and save lists on the Parts Queries screen, adding the parts kits to the Special Inventories allows you to enter your lists into the system before you use the Parts Queries.  Taking the time to create a parts list will save you time when you are working on the Parts Queries screen.

Press F1 on the Query screen to open the Parts Queries documentation.


Sales and F&I Tip: Swap Buyer and Co-Buyer On A Deal

Sometimes, over the course of working a deal with customers, you may need to change the roles of the buyer and co-buyer. Luckily, Sales and F&I makes this a snap. 

If you need to swap your buyer and co-buyer, a single click will accomplish the task.

While on the Buyer page of a deal, click the Swap Buyer/Co-Buyer button in the upper-right corner.

Note: If the buyer and co-buyer do not live in the same city, state, or county, a pop-up will ask you to verify the co-buyer's address and will inform you if tax changes are required.

The buyer and co-buyer are swapped. 



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