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Autosoft DMS Release 7.7.4 (April 19, 2020)

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Users Can Now Process Up To Three Credit Cards On A Cash Receipt

Benefit: Additional payments options now available to users.

Details: Dealerships can now split cash receipts payments among up to three credit cards on the Cash Receipts page. To allow for this functionality, two additional Credit Cards dropdowns are available on the Cash Receipts page. This functionality is already available for repair orders and credit slips. To select a credit card, users will click the Credit Cards dropdown and select a card the user has entered.


Note: If the dealer has a Worldpay integration setup, then credit cards must be able to be processed through Worldpay.



Users Can Now Search Menu Codes On Select Pages

Benefit: User can quickly find menu codes without having to scroll and visually search. 

Details: Users can now search menu codes for the following pages: the Enter Conditions page for a repair order, and the appointment screen. They can search either by menu code or by description.

Users can search in the following areas.

  • In Repair Orders > Start Conditions, users can toggle between Menus and Fail Codes and filter using the Menus/FC Filter field.


  • In Repair Orders > Close Service, users can filter Fail Codes using the FC Filter.


  • In Scheduling, users can filter both codes using the Menu Filter field.


  • In Service Quoting > Add Labor, search capability varies based on the focus of the field.
    • If the focus is on the Menu field, search will filter menus.
    • If the focus is on the T/F Codes field, search will filter Trouble Codes.

  • In Prewrites, users can filter both Menus and Fail Codes using the same search field.




Navigation Bar Added To Repair Order Screens

BenefitUser now have an easier way to navigate through repair order screens.

Details: A navigation bar was added to the top of the repair order screens. Previously, to get out of a repair order a user had to click Next or Back several times, making it easy to get lost. With the new navigation bar added, users can simply click on the button for the screen they want to open.




Cost-Minus Added To The Wholesale Pricing Levels Screen

Benefit: Provides an automatic calculation of cost-minus for users who require an additional Pricing Code option.

Details: When the user selects the "D" (Discount) in the Pricing Code field, they now have the "C" (Cost-Minus) option available for Counter Tickets and Service ROs. When selected, the "C" calculation option will subtract the set percentage (level) from the part cost. Previously, the Discount (D) Pricing Code included the options to discount from the List Price (L) and the Retail (R) Price. This enhancement will add Cost (C) to the Discount Pricing Code.




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