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Autosoft DMS Release 7.7.3 (March 22, 2020)

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New Marital Status Option Added to Federal Tax Tables

Benefit: Federal tax table includes more marital status options head of household.

Details: If step 2 of the W-2 is checked, the Federal Tax table now allows the code "C" for head of household. Dealerships are now able to use A, B, or C to denote married, single, or head of household on the federal tax table for 2020 W-4 forms. S, M, and H is used when an employee does not have box 2 of the W-4 checked. A, B, and C should be used when Box 2 of the W-4 is checked.



Notification Bubble Now Notifies User When Service Ordered Parts Are Stocked

Benefit: Keeps user aware of latest stock information.

Details: A notification bubble now appears once service ordered parts have been stocked in. Previously, when Service ordered parts were stocked in the user could only find out by scrolling through a lot of orders in service ordered parts, which can be time consuming. 




Pay Type Options Added To Writer Analysis Report

Benefit: Ability to select pay types from within report.

Details: The Writer Analysis Report now allows the user to select one or more pay types from the following options: Customer Pay, Warranty, Internal, Quicklube. To access the Writer Analysis Report, from the Dealership Accounting Main Menu click Service > Service Time Summary Reports > Writer Analysis.



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