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January Tips and Tricks (Jan. 16, 2020)

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Accounting Tip: Year-End Closing Manuals Ready

The new year brings updates to state tax tables. As individual states make their 2020 tax tables available, Autosoft is updating them in the 2020 Tax Tables topic. States whose tax tables are available are at the top. Autosoft Learning will update this topic as new state tax information is released, so watch that space.

The end of one year and the beginning of a new one also means it's time for dealerships to complete their year-end closing procedures. Right in time, Autosoft's 2019 Year-End Closing manual is available for use. This manual will show you how to close your books and payroll for the year.


Sales and F&I Tip: Making Notifications Work For You

Autosoft knows that running a successful dealership keeps you busy. It's not easy keeping track of every little development while you're selling cars and keeping the service bay humming. That's why Autosoft added the notifications feature to Sales and F&I. You can set notifications to help you monitor ongoing dealership matters. When a notification is triggered, it will be delivered to your Collaboration panel.  

You can set notifications for three areas of Sales and F&I: Customer, Sales, and Vehicle. You can set them to receive updates about watched customers, like if their appraisal is completed. You can set them to receive updates about watched deals, like when a trade is added to a deal or an appraisal has been completed. Finally, you can set them to receive updates about watched vehicles, such as when a vehicle is added to inventory or a service has been added for a vehicle.

Taking advantage of the notifications features of Sales and F&I means you can automatically and easily be informed of a host of important developments at your dealership. 



Establishing Notification Settings
Viewing Notifications
Using the Collaboration Center (Chat & Notifications)
Understanding the Collaboration Center



Fixed Ops Tip: Adding Messages To Repair Orders

Is there some important information you'd like to pass along to your customers? Autosoft gives you a nifty trick for doing that. When customer's come through the service bay, you can print a custom message directly onto the final copy of the customer's repair order. You'll be giving them a copy of the repair order anyway, so this is a perfect opportunity to add a notice about an upcoming promotions, or to encourage them to schedule regular preventative maintenance at your service bay.


To view instructions on how to add messages to repair orders, click here


Archiving Repair Orders
Returning Dirty Cores on Repair Orders





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