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Autosoft DMS Release 7.6.9 (Nov. 14, 2019)

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The Autosoft DMS 7.6.9 release will be available on November 18, 2019. It contains valuable improvements to the Accounting, Parts, and Service applications. Several bug fixes are also a part of the release. Learn more below.



Posting Date field added to additional journal entry screens

Benefit:  Edit the posting date per journal entry right on the screen.

Details:  A new Posting Date field has been added to the Cash Receipts and Deposit EFT screens in the General-Purchase-Receipts area of the Journal Entries.  The field defaults to the posting date selected on the Journal Entries menu. The user can edit the posting date to specify a different date as needed.

Cash Receipts Screen



Deposit EFT Screen



Export additional reports to Microsoft Excel

Benefit:  Export the report information to a file that can be viewed and edited in Microsoft Excel.

Details:  The option to export data to Microsoft Excel has been added to three reports:

  • Print Employee Master List in Payroll. (The exported file name is EMPLOYEEMASTERLIST.CSV.)
  • Print Sales Tax List in Schedules and Documents. (The exported file name is SALESTAX.CSV.)
  • Print Taxable Sales in Reports & Docs Vehicle Sales. (The exported file name is TAXABLESALES.CSV.)

When you choose to print one of these report, the print prompt now contains an Export to Excel option. This saves a CSV file named as indicated in C:\ASIXL for dealers using a standard setup (a server is onsite at the dealership) or K:\ASIXL for dealers using a hosted setup (Autosoft hosts your server).




Sub Source field added to the Emergency Stock screens

Benefit:  Eliminate the need to edit the part in the Master Inventory by assigning a part to the correct subsource when emergency stocking the part into inventory. 

Details:  The Emergency Stock screen available in both the Counter Sales and Service Sales now contains a Sub Source field. Use this field at assign the part to the appropriate subsource when you are emergency stocking the part into the inventory. 



Dealership information now included on PDF quote emailed to customers

Benefit:  Improve presentation for parts quotes emailed to customers with the addition of dealership information. 

Details:  The PDF copy of the parts quotes emailed to customers now includes your dealership information at the top of the quote. This is the same information that prints on the Counter Sales invoice.  


Note: If you dealership has custom Counter Slip forms programmed through Dealermarket, your custom header will be used for the quote, too.


Print a Performance Scorecard report for your inventory

Benefit:  See how your inventory is performing based on the NADA guidelines for measuring parts inventory performance. 

Details:  There is a new Performance Scorecard report on the Inventory Reports menu. The report is based on the NADA performance scorecard template.


For each subsource, it provides the inventory cost value for each stocking status as well as the percentage of the subsource that group makes up. It also provides sales activity in groups for 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-12 months, and new part number sales. The end of the report presents the same information for the total inventory. 




Mileage added to Service Quotes screen

Benefit:  Keep customer records current by capturing the current vehicle mileage when creating a quote. 

Details:  A new Mileage field has been added to the Start Quote screen in Service Quoting. This allows you to capture the current vehicle mileage when creating the quote so it can be saved to the customer record, ensuring the customer record reflects the most current information available. It also ensures mileage is readily available when the quote is converted to a repair order.  



New parameter added to hide part cost on service quote screens

Benefit:  Prevent part cost from displaying in Service Quoting.  

Details:  A new Use Part Information in Add Parts? parameter has been added to the Service Quoting Setup screen that allows you to hide part cost. This ensures cost information is not seen by users who should not have access to the information. By default, the parameter is set to Y, so the cost will show as it always has. To hide the cost information, set this parameter to N



Other Updates


  • The column headers on the Detail Forward Schedules screen can now be used to sort the information on the screen. 
  • The column headers on the Vehicle Sales History screen can now be used to sort the information on the screen. 
  • The Detail Forward Schedules printout now properly breaks out the controls for warranty and customer pay repair orders paid through journal 40. 
  • Parts sales paid through Cashier using credit cards now properly pull the correct general ledger accounts when updated to the Integrated Parts Sales in Accounting.   



  • The Quantity columns on the Manually Edited Audit Trail report have been expanded to display four digits. 



  • The system now purges old dispatching data automatically as part of the month-end update. 
  • If a user attempts to access Service while the end of day update is running, the system displays a message to the user that the update is running and to try again later to access Service. 
  • Invalid characters no longer display at the end of the Flagged Time Simple report when it is exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • The Advisor field on the Mazda Warranty screen now displays the correct advisor number. 



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