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Issuing Refunds on a Credit Card Device

Autosoft -

Refunds need to be processed using the Cash Receipts screen, regardless of the original document type. Use the instructions below to assist you with posting a refund. 

Step 1: Create the cash receipt.

Step 2. Enter the total refund amount as a negative value in the Amount field and select the credit card from the Credit Card list. 


Step 3. The CC Payment Processing button becomes active once you enter the amount and select the credit card. Click this button.

Step 4. The system sends the payment information to the credit card device. Complete the payment process on the device.


Step 5. You will see the screen below as the DMS waits to receive confirmation back from the credit card reader that the payment processing was successful.


Step 6. When the payment has been accepted, the Auth Code field will fill in with the returned authorization code for your reference. This will be saved with the receipt and will print on the receipt if it was selected to do so in the Credit Card Device Setup.



Note: If the payment processing times out or the credit card is declined, the system will display a "Cancelled" message indicating you can try processing the payment again or select a different payment method. Click Try Again to send the information to the credit card reader again or Different Method to return to the receipt screen to select a different payment method. 



Tip: If Autosoft DMS cannot communicate with the credit card device or you are having issues with the credit card device, you can contact Worldpay support by Email at channelsupport@worldpay.com or by phone at 1.800.846.4472.



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