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Autosoft DMS Release 7.6.8 (Oct. 20, 2019)

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The Autosoft DMS 7.6.8 release was available on October 20, 2019. It contains valuable improvements to the Accounting, Parts, Service, and Cashier applications. Several bug fixes are also a part of the release. Learn more below.


Posting Date field added to the General Journal screen

Benefit:  Edit the posting date per journal entry right on the screen.

Details:  A new Posting Date field has been added to the General Journal Entries screen. The field defaults to the posting date selected on the Journal Entries menu. The user can edit the posting date to specify a different date as needed.  




A new Service Sales report available in the Sales Reports

Benefit:  View the service parts sales for a specific date range to track parts sales through the Service Department.

Details:  The Sales Report menu has a new Service Sales report that allows the Parts Department to track parts sales made through the Service Department for a date range. It lists the customer pay, internal pay, warranty pay, and total parts sale amounts per repair order in the date range specified. The end of the report includes the totals for each category as well as the overall total parts sale value and the average part sale value per repair order.

The report can be printed to a printer or to screen as well as exported to a CSV file for viewing in Microsoft Excel. If exported, a CSV file named SERVICESALES is saved to C:\ASIXL for dealers using a standard setup (a server is onsite at the dealership) or K:\ASIXL for dealers using a hosted setup (Autosoft hosts your server). (The exported report does not include the totals.)





Part descriptions added to “hot search” results

Benefit:  Find the part you are searching for faster with assistance from part descriptions.

Details:  When using the “hot search” functionality, the part description will show next to the part number in the result list. This helps you more readily identify the part you are looking for when performing a search. The search functionality is available on the Master Inventory screen, Parts Queries screen, Counter Parts Sales screen, Service R/O Parts screen, and on screens in the Resupply and Returns where a Part Number field is available. 



Customer and vehicle information added to the ERO parts request

Benefit:  Save time by eliminating the need to look up customer and vehicle information for an ERO part request.

Details:  The ERO parts request printout now includes the customer name and vehicle year, make, model, and VIN—eliminating the need to look up this information before filling the request.




Export the detailed Technician Time Report to Microsoft Excel

Benefit:  Export the report information to a file that can be viewed and edited in Microsoft Excel.

Details:  When you choose to print the detailed Technician Time Report, the print prompt now contains an Export to Excel option. This saves a CSV file called TECHTIMEREPORT in C:\ASIXL for dealers using a standard setup (a server is onsite at the dealership) or K:\ASIXL for dealers using a hosted setup (Autosoft hosts your server).




Split counter sale credit card payments among multiple cards

Benefit:  Allow users to split counter sale payments among three credit cards for convenience.

Details:  The Cashier Counter Slips screen now contains three lines in the credit card payment section. This allows you to split the total payment between three credit cards.

If use integrated credit card payment processing through Worldpay, you need to process each card separately. You will have radio buttons next to each credit card payment field. Simply select the radio button next to the payment you need to process, click CC payment Processing, and follow the steps you normally do to process the payment. Then, repeat the steps for each credit card payment.



Other Updates


  • The compiled Time Clock data can be exported to Microsoft Excel. When exported, a file named TIMECLOCKCOMPILED will be saved in in C:\ASIXL for dealers using a standard setup (a server is onsite at the dealership) or K:\ASIXL for dealers using a hosted setup (Autosoft hosts your server).
  • The Vehicle Inventory Print Short List report allows you to include sold vehicles.
  • The A/P Print Open Invoices Only report includes debit balances.
  • Sorting functionality has been added to the A/P and A/R FaStatement screens available from the quick access toolbars on the Journal Entries screens. This ensures the FaStatement screens work the same way throughout the Accounting module.
  • The Detail Forward Schedule export for one account now saves to the ASIXL folder as it should.
  • Deposit EFT transactions no longer double when selecting the detail from the receivable account.
  • The formatting for a range of A/R statements printed to screen has been corrected to ensure information doesn’t run over to additional pages.
  • The Department and Annual Hours fields for sick pay in the Employee Master file in Payroll are editable again to allow values to be adjusted as needed.
  • Generating an A/P batch list no longer errors if a vendor’s detail has lines totaling more than -99,999.99.



  • Adding parts to a service quote from the Parts Queries screen will add parts from the selected list rather than parts from List 1.
  • Information added to the Changed Number section on the Edit Resupply Purchase Orders screen now properly adds a part record to the Master Inventory if a part record doesn’t exist for the new part number.
  • The ERO Parts Request notification now respects the sound setting.



  • Printing RO History now respects the printer set for printing repair order copies.
  • The Advisor/Writer Stats screen now properly refreshes to ensure the correct information displays.
  • The Payroll Time Flags export to Excel now includes all current times rather than just the pre-flag times.



  • The credit Card name once again prints on the daily summary for users who do not use Worldpay integrated credit card payment processing.
  • The receipts screens now accept negative values so you can process a refund to a customer’s credit card if you use Worldpay integrated credit card payment processing. 



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