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October Tips and Tricks (Oct. 9, 2019)

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Accounting Tip: Sorting the A/P and A/R FaStatement Screens

Did you know functionality was added to the A/P and A/R FaStatement screens to allow you to sort the screens? You can click on any column header and sort the information based on that information. The printout will print based on the sort order on the screen. You can click the Reset button to reset the data to the original sort order.




Printing a Trade Vendor FaStatement
Printing a Trade Receivable Customer FaStatement

Fixed Ops Tip: Tracking Added Repair Lines

Did you know that your Autosoft DMS tracks repair lines added to repair orders after the repair order is created and printed? Use the information below to learn how you can use this feature to easily track upsells and added warranty operations on your repair orders to measure advisor performance.

Any repair lines manually added after the initial repair order has been created and printed or dumped from a quote to the already printed repair order are flagged. You can easily identify the add-on repairs by the check mark in the Added Op box. This box is automatically selected when additional repairs are added after the repair order has been printed.


You can then choose to print just these repairs. When you click Print on the Enter Conditions screen, the print options include Add-Ons Only. Selecting this option prints the RO number, RO date, advisor, technician, customer, vehicle, added operation line details, and pay type for the repair lines added after the initial repair order was printed.


You can then print the Added operations report on the Miscellaneous Service Reports menu to view the added repairs for a specific date range. You can even filter the report based on service area.




Adding Messages to Repair Orders
Generating Service Come Back Reports


Sales and F&I Tip: Using Instant Icons

The instant icons next to the breadcrumbs on each page allow you to share, favorite, or watch a page or record. This makes it quick and easy to track important information.

The Share icon (Share1.PNG) adds the record link to the chat window so you can share the page with a coworker.


The Favorite icon (Favorite1.PNG) adds the record/page to the Internal Favorites section of your Favorites menu.


The Watch icon (Watch1.PNG) adds the record to your “Watched” items in your notifications.




Managing Favorites (video)
Establishing Notification Settings




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