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Sep. 2019 Tips and Tricks (Sep. 12, 2019)

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Accounting Tip: Voiding a Payroll Check for one Employee

The 7.6.6 DMS release in August 2019 contained a Payroll enhancement that allows you to void a payroll check for one employee. Learn how to use this new feature below.

Step 1. Click Maintenance on the Dealership Payroll menu.

Step 2. Click VOID One Payroll Check.


Step 3. Enter the employee number for whom you want to void the check or click Click Here for List to select the employee from the employee list.

Step 4. Enter the check number for the check you want to void.

Step 5. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print. You must print the check information before you can void the check.


Step 6. Once the check prints, you are prompted to verify you want to void the check. Click OK to continue.


Step 7. The system displays a message indicating an executed payroll exists for the voided check and that you need to post this data to complete the process. Click OK to acknowledge the message.


Step 8. The system displays a message indicating the payroll data has been refreshed. Click OK acknowledge the message.


Step 9. Exit out of Payroll and return to the Dealership Accounting main menu.

Step 10. Click Journal Entries on the Dealership Accounting main menu.

Step 11. Click Post Entries To Journals on the Journal Entries menu.

Step 12. The Payroll button will be red and read, “(Active Data)” to indicate there is data that need to be posted to the books.


Step 13. Post the data as you normally do to complete the process.



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Fixed Ops Tip: Generating the Lost Sales Report for a Date Range 

Did you know that as of DMS Release 7.6.6 you can print the Lost Sales report for a specific date range? The report prompt now has a Date Range option. This will make From and To fields available for you to enter the date range you want to use for the report. 




Logging Lost Sales in the Parts Queries Screen
Logging Lost Sales


Sales and F&I Tip: Viewing Information on Finished Deals

Did you know recent enhancements allow you to view even more information on finished deals without unwinding or editing the deal? Find out more below.

When viewing a finished deal, you can open any of the secondary entry screens from the Desking page by clicking the ModalIcon.png icon next to the item you want to view.


This opens the corresponding entry screen so you can review the information that was added to the deal. 


You can also view the customer, vehicle, and trade information by clicking the button on the button bar.


You will be taken to the corresponding deal page to review the information as needed.





Editing a Finished Deal
Using the Sales Action Buttons


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