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Autosoft DMS Release 7.6.7 (Sept. 13, 2019)

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The Autosoft DMS 7.6.7 release will be available on September 16, 2019. It contains valuable improvements to the Accounting and Parts applications. Several bug fixes are also a part of the release. Learn more below.


Expanded overtime setup added to time clock setup

Benefit: Enjoy more flexibility for how overtime calculates.

Details: The Time Clock setup used to calculate overtime has been enhanced to allow you to calculate overtime per hour, per week, or both. Seventh day overtime is also available, and you can add separate settings for nonexempt and exempt employees. Specific details about the affected screens and processes can be found below as well as links to documentation to assist you with using the enhancement. 

Employee Information Screen


A new NonExempt field has been added to the Employee Information screen. This field connects to the new Overtime Group field on the Time Clock Setup screen. Information added here will save to that field and vice versa.


Time Clock Setup Screen


The following notable changes have been made to the Time Clock Setup screen.

  • Fields relating to overtime calculations have been removed from this screen. The only overtime field on this screen is the new Overtime Group parameter. The selection you make here determines which overtime setting the system uses for the employee. This field pulls from and writes to the new NonExempt field on the Employee Information screen. 
  • The Less field has been renamed Lunch. Some new logic has been added to this field depending on if the user clocks out for lunch. If the employee doesn't clock out for lunch, the lunch value will always be subtracted when the time clock data is compiled. If the employee punches out for lunch, the system will use the lunch value if the punch time is less than or equal to the lunch value set. If the punch time is greater than the lunch value, the system will subtract the actual punch time.
  • The screen now has an Overtime Setup button. This opens the new Setup Overtime screen where you will add the overtime settings for nonexempt and exempt employees.

Click here to view the help article for the entering time clock setup information.


Setup Overtime Screen


A new Setup Overtime screen is available from the Time Clock Setup screen. The information added on this screen is used to calculate overtime. It allows you to set overtime to calculate per hours worked in a day, hours worked in a week (period), or both. Seventh day overtime is also available. The overtime setup is global and allows you to add separate settings for nonexempt and exempt employees.

Click here to view the help article for entering overtime setup information.


Compile Time Clock Data


When compiling the time clock data, the system now displays the Week Start Day from the Setup Overtime screen. If the date range used to compile the payroll data doesn’t match the start day, the calculations will be incorrect.


Specify how dates display in the custom payroll export

Benefit: Eliminate the need to edit dates in the exported file by choosing how you want the dates to export.

Details: The Payroll Custom Data Export Setup screen now has a Format Dates as mm/dd/yyyy in Excel parameter. If you add date fields to the report and select this parameter, the export will include the three separate columns for the month, day, and year as it always has, but it will now also include a corresponding "Full Date" column at the end of the report that combines the fields to display the full date.





Ship To List functionality added to the Wholesale Customer Information

Benefit: Manage “Ship To” addresses in the Wholesale Customer record.

Details: The Customer Information screen in the Wholesale Customer section of the Special Inventories now has a Ship To List button. This opens the Ship To Addresses screen where you can add the shipping addresses for the customer. The same screen is available on the Counter Parts Sales screen. Adding the functionality to the Customer Information screen allows you to manage the information when adding the customer record to the system. The shipping addresses are saved to a shared file, so edits made from either screen are available in both locations.



Performance improvements added to the Parts hot search

Benefit: Improved search functionality results in better performance.

Details: The hot search will now wait until four characters have been entered before displaying results. This allows the system to better refine the results before providing the user potential part numbers. As a result, the search performance will be much faster and allow you to find your part number quicker. 


Changes were also made to how the hot search parameter on the More Operating Defaults screen defaults. If you are already on DMS release 7.6.6 HF and edited the hot search parameter, your parameter will be retained. If you are on an earlier version of the DMS and update to DMS release 7.6.7, your parameter will default based on the type of server setup your dealership uses.


If your dealership uses a standard server setup (server exists physically at your dealership), the parameter will default to N for no. You will need to change the parameter to Y for yes to use the search functionality.

If your dealership uses a hosted setup (Autosoft hosts your server), the hot search parameter will default to Y for yes, and the functionality will available. If you don’t want to use the hot search, you will need to edit the parameter accordingly.


Other Updates


  • Print the sales tax list for a specific month in the Prior Month Journals. This allows you to print the sales tax list for the selected period in the event you want to print the list quarterly or need to refer to the sales tax information for previous months.
  • If printer settings are missing from the DMS setup, the “Setup Incomplete” message will now instruct you how you can add the missing setup information.
  • The column headers on the A/P and A/R Fastatement screens can now be used to sort the information on the screen. The printout will print based on the sort order on the screen. The new Reset button can be used to reset the data to the original sort order.
  • Marital Status has been added as a field option on the Payroll Custom Data Export.
  • The eMail field for A/R customers has been adjusted to ensure the field hold 40 characters throughout the Accounting module.
  • The time clock data can now be printed for all employees. When prompted to enter the criteria for the printout, leave the Print For Employee field blank and enter the dates for the report. This will print the time close data for all employees for the specified date range.
  • The Payables Print Short List printout has been modified to include consistent formatting for the debit and credit sections.
  • The month-end checklist verbiage has been edited to include reference to the Backup Utility.
  • The A/R Customer Address List now includes the information from the second Name field from the Customer Information on all forms of the printout.
  • The A/P Print Vendor List now includes the information from the second Name field from the Vendor Information on all forms of the printout.
  • Checks copies printed from the check register will print information in invoice order to ensure checks printed from history match the original check copy.
  • When printing the A/R and A/P Schedules in the Prior Month Records, you can now specify if you want to include or exclude post-ahead entries. You can also now choose to export the printout Microsoft Excel. The exported CSV files ARPRIORMONTH.CSV and APPRIORMONTH.CSV will be saved to C:\ASIXL (or K:\ for dealers using a hosted setup).
  • Modifications have been made to the Customer Information screen that appears when posting a dealer trade or wholesale deal to ensure the proper information populates the screen.
  • Updates have been made to the Balance Forward Schedule to ensure the vendor name included in the Microsoft Excel export matches the name in the Vendor Information.
  • Changes have been made to the Adjust General Journals screen so edits to the Description field save.
  • Modifications were made to the Comparison DOC list to ensure the Parts Department DOC displays in the list correctly.
  • Changes were made to the Address Envelope for Vendor option to ensure the second name line prints when printing to screen.
  • Updates to the Payroll Transmissions eliminate the “no data found” message from incorrectly displaying. 



  • An Export to Excel option has been added to the Print Return Document option on the Update Return To Inventory menu. The CSV file will be saved to C:\ASIXL\PARTSRETRUNDOCUMENT.CSV (or K:\ for dealers using a hosted setup).
  • Modifications have been made to the Sales for Counter Salesman report to ensure the report returns data.
  • Changes to the Lost Sales report correct an issue with the report not returning data if a date range is selected. 



  • An Export to Excel option has been added to the Writer Analysis report on the Service Time Summary menu. The CSV file will be saved to C:\ASIXL\WRITERANALYSIS.CSV (or K:\ for dealers using a hosted setup).
  • Modifications to the Print Followup Sheets in Followup & Marketing correct the issue with the report switching the Technician and Service Writer on the printout.
  • Changes to the Service Scheduler prevent Web appointments from being overwritten by tagged time slots.
  • Updates to the Integrated Entries ensure that the Repair Net G/L Account assigned to a Menu Operations code in the Setup is respected when the repair order is updated for posting to Accounting.
  • Modifications to the system ensure the Active R/O List displays all active repair orders.



  • The Customer Information screens in both the Dealer Principal and General Manager applications have been updated to prevent users from editing the customer number. These changes ensure the screen functions the same as it does in Service and helps maintain the integrity of the customer numbers in the system.  


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