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Entering Time Clock Setup

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The Time Clock Setup screen allows you to add the time clock settings per employee. You begin by setting the time clock department and the employee’s work schedule. As the system tracks the employee’s hours, it uses the parameters you set here to determine the “paid” hours it updates to payroll. You also use this screen to indicate which employees’ time clock data gets update to payroll. When the system updates the time clock data to the current payroll, it updates the information to the department you set for each employee on this screen. 


Step 1. Click Payroll on the Dealership Accounting menu.

Step 2. Click Times/Commissions on the Dealership Payroll menu. 

Step 3. Click Time Clock on the Times/Commissions menu.

Step 4. Click Setup on the Time Clock menu.

Step 5. In Time Clock Password, type "Admin" and press Enter.

Step 6. Type the password you want to set for the time clock. When you enter this password as the employee ID number on the time clock, you can view the time clock data. This allows managers to periodically check the list as needed.

Step 6. In Min. Days To Purge Time Clock Data, type the number of days back you want to keep in the clock. The purge utility will delete the information up to this number of days. The default is 30. If you leave this field blank, the system will use the default value. For example, if you leave 30 as the default, the system will purge up to the last 30 days.

Step 7. The window on the right side of the screen displays a list of employees. Click the employee you want to select. The employee’s number fills in the Employee Number field.


Step 8. The top-left part of the screen displays a list of departments assigned to the employee. Click the department(s) that will be used to post the time clock hours. The department number fills in under Department Distribution. If you select more than one department, specify the distribution percentage for each department. The total distribution must equal 100%. The system will update the clocked hours to the department(s) when it updates the time clock data to payroll.

Step 9. For each day of the week, type the Start and Quit time for this employee.

Step 10. In Lunch, type the number of minutes, if any, that should be deducted from the entered time to account for the employee's lunch time. If the employee doesn't clock out for lunch, the lunch value will always be subtracted when the time clock data is compiled. If the employee punches out for lunch, the system will use the lunch value if the punch time is less than or equal to the lunch value set. If the punch time is greater than the lunch value, the system will subtract the actual punch time.

Step 11. Click Fill Down to fill the columns with the value entered in the first line. The fill stops at Friday, so you will have to enter hours for Saturday and Sunday if the employee works on those days.


Step 12. In Allow Clock-In Up To [ ] Minutes Early, type the number of minutes this employee can clock in early. If the employee attempts to clock in early, the system will display a warning and not allow the employee to clock in until the appropriate time based on this field and the time in the Start field for the current day of the week.

Step 13. In Daily Grace Period, type the number of minutes you want to allow the employee to clock in late or clock out early. The employee can be short these many minutes and the system will count the whole hour (rather than count the exact minutes).

Step 14. Use the Overtime Group options to select which overtime group (if any) applies to the employee. This setting determines which overtime settings are used to calculate overtime for the employee.

Step 15. Use the Update Clock Time To Payroll field to indicate if this employee’s clock time should be updated to payroll. Type Y for yes or N for no.

Step 16. In Employee Time Clock Password, type the password the employee will use to log on to the time clock.

Step 17. Click Save to save the information. Continue to enter information for each employee in the list.


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