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Autosoft DMS Release 7.6.6 (Aug. 16, 2019)

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The Autosoft DMS 7.6.6 release will be available on August 19, 2019. It contains valuable improvements to the Accounting, Parts, and Service applications. Several bug fixes are also a part of the release. Learn more below.


Void a payroll check for one employee

Benefit: Void a single check from a payroll rather than having to void the entire payroll and post it again.

Details: A new option has been added to the payroll maintenance that allows you to void a single payroll check. This creates a journal entry to reverse the check from the the books. Use the steps below to assist you with this new feature.

Step 1. Click Maintenance on the Dealership Payroll menu.

Step 2. Click VOID One Payroll Check.


Step 3. Enter the employee number for whom you want to void the check or click Click Here for List to select the employee from the employee list.

Step 4. Enter the check number for the check you want to void.

Step 5. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print. You must print the check information before you can void the check.


Step 6. Once the check prints, you are prompted to verify you want to void the check. Click OK to continue.


Step 7. The system displays a message indicating an executed payroll exists for the voided check and that you need to post this data to complete the process. Click OK to acknowledge the message.


Step 8. The system displays a message indicating the payroll data has been refreshed. Click OK acknowledge the message.


Step 9. Exit out of Payroll and return to the Dealership Accounting main menu.

Step 10. Click Journal Entries on the Dealership Accounting main menu.

Step 11. Click Post Entries To Journals on the Journal Entries menu.

Step 12. The Payroll button will be red and read, “(Active Data)” to indicate there is data that need to be posted to the books.


Step 13. Post the data as you normally do to complete the process.


Include vehicles no longer in inventory with a floorplan balance on the Floorplan Exception report

Benefit: Ensure the floorplan report includes all vehicle records with floorplan balances for better tracking of floorplan balances due.

Details: When you print the Verify Floorplan Exceptions report in Vehicles Inventory, Prior Month Records, Dealer Principal, or General Manager, you now have the option to include vehicles that are no longer a part of your active inventory but that have a floorplan balance.


In addition, the report now prints additional information. It now includes Year, Make, Odometer, Serial Number(VIN), Delivered Date, and Sold To information.



Select the date to be used as the effective date for the NACHA file

Benefit: Ensure the effective date in the file accurately represents the date based on the bank's processing methods. 

Details: You have the option to have the file use the pay date or the bank processing date as the effective date for the file. By default, the system uses the payroll date. If you edit this date, the system will change it to be the bank processing date and use the date you specify.

Payroll_Date.jpg  Bank_Date.jpg



Include cash on the deposit slip

Benefit: Have your deposit slip include both checks and cash--eliminating the need to use a separate slip for cash. 

Details: A new Include Cash on Deposit Slip parameter has been added to the Cash Receipts Setup so you can select to include cash on the deposit slips. When you select this box, cash will print on the deposit slip. If you leave this box empty, the slip will only include checks. 


Note: This feature is not retroactive. Any existing cash receipts in the system before the update will not be included when you select this box. All cash receipts moving forward will be included.    



New search functionality added to Part Number fields

Benefit: As you start typing part numbers, see the list of parts in your system that match the information as you type so you can quickly select the part number from the list.   

Details: The Part Number field on the Counter Sales, Service Sales, Queries, Master Inventory, Resupply, and Returns screens now displays a list of part numbers in your system that match what you are typing. This allows you to enter a partial part number and then select the part you need from the list that appears. This new feature helps you add parts to documents or locate part numbers faster. 


 This feature can be turned off on the More Operating Defaults screen in the Parts setup. The Use 'Parts Hotsearch' to Autocomplete Part Numbers parameter determines if the search list displays. By default, the parameter is set to Y to use the search feature. Setting the parameter to N will suppress the search list from displaying, and you will need to enter the full part number in the Part Number field. 



Document list added to the Parts Return prompts

Benefit: More easily select the parts return document you want to use by selecting it from a list of available return documents. 

Details: A return document list has been added to all the prompts where the input of a return document number is required on the Process Edited Return List and Update Return To Inventory menus in the Parts Returns. This allows you to enter the part return document number or to select the document from the list of existing return documents. The list also serves as a reference so you can ensure you are entering the correct return document number. 



Generate the lost sales report for a date range

Benefit: Track your lost sales as frequently as needed using a custom date range.    

Details: The Print Lost Sales report can now be generated based on a date range. On the report prompt, you can now select Date Range. This will make From and To fields available for you to enter the date range you want to use for the report. 





Click an RO in the list of open ROs for a vehicle to view it on the screen

Benefit: Save time by quickly accessing an open repair order for a vehicle without having to use the RO list. 

Details: When you attempt to start a repair order for a vehicle that has open repair orders in the system, the system prompts you with a list of the open repair orders. Now, you can click on an RO number in the message to pull the RO to the screen. You no longer need to use the RO list to find the RO to view it. 



Copy VINs to a clipboard in ERO

Benefit: Save time by copying a VIN to a clipboard so you can paste it where needed instead of typing it.  

Details: A new Copy icon (clipboard) has been added next to the VIN field in the Electronic Repair Orders (ERO). When you click this icon, the VIN is copied to a clipboard. You can then paste (by pressing CTRL+P on your keyboard or by right-clicking with your mouse and selecting Paste from the menu that appears) to a document or field where you need to enter the VIN. This save you from having to manually type the VIN. 



Other Updates


  • The FUTA/SUTA Total Wages report can now be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • The Print Chart of Accounts printout in the General Ledger Setup can now be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • A Miles field has been added to all Vehicle Details (Vehicle Internals) screens.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Vehicle Detail printout to fix missing post-ahead floorplan amounts. 
  • Changes have been made to the Inventory Short list to ensure sold vehicles are excluded in the totals.  
  • Modifications to the Sales Tax List ensure it properly displays edits. 
  • The Vehicle Sales Report options have been modified to ensure the Salesman list properly populates. 
  • The Address Envelope options in the Trade Receivables and Trade Payables have been modified to ensure the second address line prints on the envelope. 
  • The Customer Information screen will now display when posting a Wholesale deal as it does with other deal types. 



  • Modifications were made to the monthly inventory update to warn a user if they attempt to close the same month twice.
  • The Print Return Document can now be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • The Receipts-Current Month and Receipts-Prior Months screens now have a Vendor list that allows you to select a vendor. The system will search for parts receipted in for the selected vendor. This feature is not retroactive and will only work on purchases after the update is installed.
  • Changes have been made to ensure cost values pull from the Master Inventory record to the Outside PO screen.
  • Updates have been made to ensure prepaid part orders can be printed.
  • Modifications to the Parts Quotes ensure parts kits information properly displays. 
  • Updates to printing in the Queries screen correct issues with the correct lists not printing. 



  • The Added Repairs report now prints when the option is selected. 
  • Modifications made to the Ford Labor Time Guide integration correct errors for certain model years and makes. 
  • Changes to the Service Scheduler prevent errors when a customer's service history exceeds 800 repairs.



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