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Renaming a Credit Card Device

Autosoft -

When you set up your credit card device, you named it to make it easily recognizable in the Devices list. As needed, you can rename a credit card device. Use the steps below to assist you. 

Step 1. Click Cashier on the Autosoft DMS main menu.

Step 2. Click Cash Receipts on the Cashier main menu.

Step 3. Click System Setup on the Cash Receipts menu.

Step 4. Click CC Setup on the bottom of the Cashier Parameters screen. The Credit Card Device Setup screen appears.


Step 5. Click the device name in the Devices list.


Step 6. Click Rename Device. The Rename Device screen appears.

Step 7. In Rename Your Device, type the new name for the device.

Step 8. Click OK.


Step 9. The new name displays in the Devices list on the right side of the Credit Card Device Setup screen.


Step 10. Click Exit to close the Credit Card Device Setup screen.

Step 11. Click Exit to close the Cashier Parameters screen.


Tip: If Autosoft DMS cannot communicate with the credit card device or you are having issues with the credit card device, you can contact Worldpay support by Email at channelsupport@worldpay.com or by phone at 1.800.846.4472.



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