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June 2019 Tips and Tricks (Jun. 12, 2019)

Autosoft -

Accounting Tip: Using the Schedules button on the Journal Screens

Autosoft DMS makes it easy to locate the control you need when creating a journal entry. Several posting screens have a Schedules button at the bottom of the screen. When you advance to the Control field on the screen, the button becomes active. The button opens a Search screen that displays a list of controls from the schedule designated by the general ledger account find the control you need and select it. The selected control will fill in the Control field.




Using Resource Buttons
Accounting Schedules (webinar)


Fixed Ops Tip: Printing the Exception Report

Did you know you can run a report that identifies any manual price changes made on a repair order? The Exception report will provide you this information for a selected date range and department. To run the Exception Report, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Service Writing menu, select Reports & Updates. The Service Reports/Updates menu opens.

Step 2. Click Miscellaneous Service Reports to open the menu of the same name.

Step 3. Select Exception Report. The Exception Report box opens to the right of the menu.

Step 4. Use the From and To fields to enter the date range you'd like the report to cover.

Step 5. Use the Include options to select the Service department areas you'd like to include in the report: Service, Contracts, Body Shop, and Quick Lube. You can select multiple Service areas.

Step 6. Click Go.


Step 7. The system prompts you to verify your printer is ready. Select To Printer to send the report to the printer, To Screen to view the report on screen, or Export to Excel to save the report as a Microsoft Excel document.

Step 8. Click Print.

If you selected Export to Excel, the system notifies you that the file ServiceExceptionReport.csv has been created in C:\ASIXL if your dealership uses an in-house server-based DMS or K:\ASIXL if your dealership uses the hosted Autosoft DMS solution. Click OK to dismiss the message.



Tracking Added Repair Lines
Setting Service Labor Rates


Sales and F&I Tip: Restricting Deal Access to Multiple Users

Did you know you can prevent multiple users from accessing the same deal simultaneously? Use the information below to restrict access to deals that are being edited by a user.

In your dealership setup, the Settings page contains a Deal Access section that allows you to restrict multiple users from accessing the same deal. Set this toggle to NO to turn the feature on.


When User A is working in a deal and User B attempts to open the same deal, User B will receive an alert that User A is currently in the deal. User B will click Cancel to close the alert.


If User B needs immediate access to the deal but User A can't be reached, a system administrator or user with the "Unlock Deal" permission in their security settings can unlock the deal, giving User B and all other users access to the deal.




Setting Employee Permissions
Searching for Deals



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