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Autosoft DMS Release 7.6.4 (June 14, 2019)

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The Autosoft DMS 7.6.4 release is scheduled to be available between June 17, 2019. It contains valuable improvements to the Parts and Service applications. Several bug fixes are also a part of the release. 



The Daily Parts Sales Summary displays new totals

Benefit: See your true total sales for both your counter sales and service sales for the day.

Details: The Daily Parts Sales Summary now includes the total cost, sale, margin, and gross for your combined counter sales and service sales. This allows you to see the totals for the day without having to manually add the values on your own.



New fields have been added to the Parts Not On Price Tape along with the option to export the report to Microsoft Excel

Benefit: New fields provide more comprehensive information for the report, and the new export option provides additional ways for you to use the report.

Details:  The Parts Not On Price Tape report now includes the quantity on hand (QOH), cost, line totals, and grand totals.



When printing the report, you will have the option to export the report to Microsoft Excel. Once you open the report in Microsoft Excel, you can sort and format the data as needed.



The Parts Month-End Analysis now displays combined source totals

Benefit: Get a more comprehensive view of your inventory by viewing not only the individual source information but the totals as well.

Details:   Each section of the Parts Month-End Analysis now includes combined totals for all sources. The information will be available after the individual source breakdowns. 




Additional Transportation Options added to the Schedule Service screen

Benefit: More accurately identify the transportation needs associated with a service appointment.

Details: New transportation options have been added to the Schedule Service screen to allow you to pick options that more accurately reflect the transportation needs associated with the service appointment.

The transportation options have been added to a new Transportation list on the Schedule Service screen. The new options include Premiere Concierge, Valet, Shuttle, and Rental. Select the option that applies to the appointment.



The Transportation option tracks with the appointment for your reference. 



You can also assign specific colors to the Transportation Types in the Shop Setup.



Start a repair order from the Service Scheduler

Benefit: Save time by starting the repair order from the scheduler.

Details: While viewing a scheduled appointment in the Service Scheduler, you can use the new Convert To R/O button to create the repair order for the appointment. This pulls all the customer and service information added to the appointment to a repair order available in the R/O List.



Manufacturer Service History Reports/VIN Inquires have been added to Service Quotes

Benefit: Access pertinent vehicle information from the manufacturer while building the quote.

Details: If Autosoft integrates with your manufacturer for VIN Inquiries/Service History reporting, you can now pull the information on the Start Quote screen. This is the same information available to you on the Enter Conditions screen when creating the repair order.



Parts Kits can now be added to Service Menu Operations

Benefit: Adding parts kits to the Menu Operations makes it easier to add parts as well as apply the corresponding pricing for parts.

Details: You can add parts kits to the Service Menu Operations. When you use the menu code on a repair order, the parts kit is automatically added. Use the following information to add the parts kits to a Service Menu Operation code.

Step 1. Click System Setup on the Service Writing Main menu.

Step 2. Click Enter Service Menu Operations on the System Setup menu.

Step 3. Select a menu code from the list on the right side of the screen or create a new menu code.

Step 4. Click Next on the bottom of the enter Service Menu Op’s screen.

Step 5. Click Parts Kits on the Service Menu Parts screen.


Step 6. The Parts Kits screen appears and displays all the available parts kits in the system.

Step 7. Click the + in front of the Kit Number to expand the kit to view a full list of the pats on the kit.

Step 8. Click the parts kit you want to select. A green check mark will display on the line to indicate it has been selected.

Step 9. Click Add


Step 10. The parts kit pulls to the Service Menu Parts screen. Press ENTER to advance through the fields. You can edit the information in each field as needed. Once you advance through the Price field, the parts line will be added to the parts list at the top of the screen.

Step 11. Add additional parts or parts kits as needed.

Step 12. Click Save to Save the information.

Step 13. When the menu is applied to a repair line, the parts for the menu code will automatically be added to the repair order.


The "Names" functionality is now available in the Service Scheduler

Benefit: Save time by pulling an existing customer's information to an appointment and assigning it to a new VIN.

Details: The same functionality available on the Start Repair Order screen using the Names button is now available on the Service Scheduler Search Screen using the new Names tab. This allows you to pull an existing customer’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to a service appointment so you can add a different VIN to the appointment than the one that may exist on the current customer record.





Other Updates


  • Changes ensure that key codes write to the Customer Information screen for vehicles added through the Accounting module.
  • Updates to the Vehicle Information screen correct intermittent errors when saving a vehicle record.
  • Modifications to the AP Batch Checks prevent errors that cause the screen to stop working and close.
  • Changes to the Vehicle Sales Posting screen prevent issues for Toyota dealers when posting Vehicle Sales that were sent to Accounting from the Sales and F&I application.
  • Updates to the Payroll module correct issues with deductions being one cent more than the pay when direct deposit is being used.
  • Modifications to the “Out of Balance” messaging on the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable printouts provide more guidance as to what could be contributing to the “Out of Balance” state.
  • Changes to the A/P Batch Checks were made to show a message when a vendor’s balance is over $999,999.99. Due to system limitations, checks can’t be written for this amount. Therefore, the vendor will not be added to the generated list; instead, the system will skip the vendor and finish generating the list. This affects both the Generate New List All Vendors and Generate New List All Items Due.
  • Updates to the Accounts Receivable Customer Statements correct misalignment of the “print to screen” view when a statement prints on multiple pages.
  • Modifications made to the Purchase Journal screen correct tabbing issues.
  • Changes to the Payroll module ensure the Payroll Vacation report shows the correct vacation totals for all employees.



  • Changes to Cashier Repair Orders screen ensure the correct repair order total shows when multiple payment types are used on a receipt.



  • Changes were made to the Active R/O list in Service Sales so the Refresh button properly updates the list.
  • Updates to the parts receipting process ensure that parts quantities greater than 99 are properly retained when receipting parts into inventory.
  • Modifications the Receipts-Current Month and Receipts-Prior Months export files prevent the Vendor column from containing an equal sign.
  • Updates have been made to ensure that all information moves from the old part number to the new part number when a part number change occurs when the original part number has quantities on order.
  • Changes have been made to ensure the correct list price shows on the Parts Queries screen based on the parameter set on the OEM Price Tape Update screen when updating the price tape.
  • Modifications to the Counter Sales printout prevent the Customer Tax ID from printing.
  • Updates to the Purchase Orders allow parts processed with a negative quantity to update properly to the Master Inventory.



  • Updates to the Service Scheduler allow the No Show Report to be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Modifications to the Service Quotes now include the customer's cell phone, fax number, and e-mail address on the printed quote. 
  • Changes to the Service Scheduler improve the way Business Names are displayed.
  • For GM dealers, updates to the IVH integration will now pull the In-Service Date/First Use Date from the inquiry and add it to the appointment or repair order.
  • Modifications to the Service Scheduler ensure the accuracy of the appointment created date and time stamp that can be viewed for the appointment.
  • Changes to the Dispatch Jobs List allow users to sort the list and print it.
  • Updates to the Repair Order screens ensure users are required to enter a VIN when the parameter requiring a VIN on a repair order is set.
  • Modification were made to ensure non-taxable sublet items are not taxed when a special customer tax rate is being used.
  • Changes to the Customer Information screen prevent invalid entries from being entered in the “Do Not” contact fields.
  • Updates to the Service Quotes prevent crashing when adding parts kits to the quote.
  • Modifications to the Service Scheduler prevent appointment types from changing.




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