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May 2019 Tips and Tricks (May 8, 2019)

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Accounting Tip: Selecting the Purchase Journal Posting Date 

Did you know you can choose which date is used as the posting date for a Purchase Journal entry?

The DMS 7.6.3 release included a new parameter on the Purchase Journal screen that allows you to select which date you want to use as the posting date. The Use Invoice Date for Posting Date box allows you to select to use the invoice date as the posting date rather than the date set on the Journal Entries menu. If you leave this box empty, the system will use the posting date set on the Journal Entries menu. This new parameter ensures your entries post the way you want them to post!




Understanding the Posting Date and System Date
Responding to the Operator ID and Posting Date Prompt


Fixed Ops Tip: Saving Parts Quotes to a PDF File

Did you know you can now attach Parts Quotes to e-mail messages?

The DMS 7.6.3 release included a new print option for Parts Quotes that allows you to save the quote as a PDF file. Once saved, you can view the file as needed or attach it to an e-mail message to send to a customer. Use the following instructions to assist you.

Step 1. Click Queries on the Parts Inventory main menu.

Step 2. Click Quotes on the Parts Queries screen.

Step 3. On the Customer Quotes screen, create a quote or recall an active quote.

Step 4. Click Print & Save.

Step 5. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select To Screen and click Print.


Step 6. The quote will open in a PDF reader. From the reader, save the file to your computer.

Step 7. Create the e-mail message using your e-mail application and attach the saved PDF file to the message.



Creating Customer Quotes
Pulling Customer Quotes to the Counter Slip


Sales and F&I Tip: Setting the System to Automatically Pull the Fee Defaults When the Deal Type or Vehicle Changes on a Deal

Did you know you can set if you want fees to automatically reset on a deal if you change the deal type or the vehicle on a deal? This ensures the fees are correct based on the current structure of the deal. Use the following instructions to learn how to set the parameter.

Step 1. Click Setup.

Step 2. Click Sales and select Deal Defaults.

Step 3. In the General Defaults card, use the Retrieve Fee Defaults on Deal/Veh Change toggle to set your preference.


YES will pull the default fees for the deal based on the new deal type or vehicle type for the deal.

NO will not automatically pull the default fee information. However, there will be a Retrieve Defaults button on the Fees modal in the deal. You can use this button to manually pull the default fee data based on the current structure of the deal.




Adding State Taxes and Fees in Sales Setup
Establishing Separate Fee Defaults by Deal and Vehicle Type



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