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Autosoft DMS Release 7.6.3 (May 3, 2019)

Autosoft -

The Autosoft DMS 7.6.3 release is scheduled to be available May 6, 2019. It contains valuable improvements to the Web Software download process as well as the Accounting, Parts, and Service applications. Several bug fixes are also a part of the release. 


Setting & Utilities

Set a password for the Web Software Update

Benefit:  Restrict who at your dealership can perform the Web software update.

Detail:  A new password field has been added to the Miscellaneous Passwords screen in Accounting. If a password is added in this field, a user must enter the password in order to perform the Web software update.






Choose to use the invoice date as the posting date on the Purchase Journal screen

Benefit:  Decide which date is used as the posting date to ensure entries to the purchase journal post the way you want them to post.

Detail:  A new parameter has been added to the Purchase Journal screen that allows you to select which date you want to use as the posting date. The Use Invoice Date for Posting Date box allows you to select to use the invoice date as the posting date rather than the date set on the Journal Entries menu. If you leave this box empty, the system will use the posting date set on the Journal Entries menu.





Print parts quotes to PDF

Benefit:  Print a parts quote to a PDF file that you can attach to an e-mail message. 

Detail:  A To Screen option has been added to the Print & Save prompt for Parts Quotes. When you print the quote to screen, a copy of the quote opens in a reader so you can save the file as a PDF document. 





Contract distance has been added to the Customer List field list in the Report Generator

Benefit:  Include the contract distance on your customer list to identify customers with vehicle coverage that may be ending soon or that has already ended to identify potential candidates for additional vehicle coverage sales or a new vehicle.  

Detail:  When selecting the fields for your Service Customer List, you can now select Contract Distance.  



Other Updates 


  • Changes to the Purchases screen to prevent postings showing as duplicated when document number is reused. 
  • Updates to the General Ledger Detail export ensure the detail is complete for all date ranges.
  • Modifications to the Vehicle Sales screen prevent errors when posting deals with trades.  
  • Changes to the 1099 process ensure that Box 7 includes manual payments.



  • Changes to the Counter Sales screen provide a clearer warning message when you edit customer information. The new message distinctly asks you to select to update the information the the customers Accounts Receivables record in Accounting to to continue without updating the information. 
  • Updates to the Parts Age Analysis ensure proper formatting when values are over one million.  
  • Modifications to the Parts Receipted In history now allow part values over 999 to display. 
  • Changes were made to the ADMI Guidelines Resupply Setup to provide more guidance as the user works on the screen to ensure the settings are completely properly. 
  • Updates were made to the end of day update process to warn users if other users are also in the Daily Counter Sales Update menu.   
  • Modifications



  • Changes to Service Quotes ensure the repair lines increment properly.  
  • Updates ensure that Menu Operations set to be automatically added to repair orders are always added. 
  • Modifications to the Enter Conditions screen ensure that add-on repairs print properly. 
  • Changes were made to the labels on the Customer Search screen to clarify the information that can be used to search on the screen. 
  • Updates were made to ensure Ford Labor Time Guides are pulling properly for Ford F-150 trucks. 
  • Modifications to the Time Flag report ensures the report includes all statuses. 
  • Changes were made to ensure the IVH open recall count is correct. 
  • Updates were made to the Monthly Summary Update to prevent errors. 
  • Modifications were made to give Toyota dealers access to the Special Service Campaign integration again. 


Setting & Utilities

  • Changes to Station Setup ensure the default printer propagates to the other tabs. 



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