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Autosoft DMS 7.6.2 Release (Mar. 17, 2019)

Autosoft -

The Autosoft DMS 7.6.2 release contains some valuable improvements to the Accounting and Parts applications, as well as several bug fixes.



Functionality added for GM dealers to assist with posting incentive memos that exceed posting limits

Benefit: GM dealers no longer need to manually post incentive memos that are longer than 199 lines.

Detail: Autosoft has improved the posting process in the Factory Receivables Statement posting screen for GM incentive memos. If a memo is longer than 199 lines, the system will automatically break the memo into the necessary number of entries for posting. You must process each entry for the incentive memo before you can leave the posting screen. The process works as outlined below.

Step 1. If the selected incentive memo exceeds 199 lines, you will see a message informing you that the memo will be divided into the necessary number of postings. Click OK to acknowledge the message.


Step 2. The first entry will display on the screen. 


Step 3. Once you post the first entry, the system will show a message indicating that it is processing the next entry. Click OK to acknowledge the message.


Step 4. Post the next entry. 

Step 5. You will see a message for each entry that needs to be posted to complete the incentive memo. Continue until all the entries are posted.


Export additional reports to Microsoft Excel

Benefit: Easily export data to Microsoft Excel, allowing you to access and manipulate the saved reports from your local hard drive.

Detail: An additional option has been added to the print prompt for some reports that allows you to export the report data to Microsoft Excel. This functionality has been added to the following reports:

  • Schedules & Documents - Detail Forward Schedules Side-by-Side Schedules
  • General Ledger - YTD Detail For Account 
  • Reports & DOCs - Vehicle Sales History.

When you select to print one of these reports, you will see a new Export to Excel option on the "Is Your Printer Ready" prompt.  Click to select this option.


When the report is ready, the system will display a prompt indicating the location and name for the report. The location will vary based on your dealership's network configuration, and the name will vary based on which report you selected to print. Simply open this file in Microsoft Excel.



Warning added to the Vehicle Sales posting screen when deleting a deal

Benefit: Be reminded that deleting a deal changes the deal status on the vehicle record so you can edit it accordingly to ensure the vehicle record remains flagged properly.

Detail: When you delete a vehicle sale on the Vehicle Sales posting screen, the system will display a message indicating the deal status on the vehicle record will be changed. This serves as a reminder that you may need to go to the vehicle record and add the deal status back to the record depending on if you need the vehicle to remain flagged so it isn't added back to the active inventory.





Search for a part based on description in the Parts Queries

Benefit: Search for parts more quickly using a full or partial description.

Detail: The Search Base button on the Parts Queries screen has been renamed Search. The Search screen that opens now allows you to search by base number or by part description. Simply type the description you want to use in the new Part Desc field and press ENTER. All parts that have a matching description will display in the list. 



Other Updates 


  • Changes to the 1099 reporting now include checks written using journal 50. 
  • Updates to the Adjust General Journals ensure entries balance when using the F3 key on the screen.
  • Modifications to the Employee Group Pay Parameters fixed issues that caused the screen to stop working after direct deposit information was entered. 
  • Changes to Disbursements corrected issues with voiding checks and incomplete printouts of voided checks. 
  • Updates to the Factory Receivable Statement fixed GM incentive memos initially showing blank.
  • Modifications to the Check Register prevent checks from showing as reconciled when they are written. 
  • Changes corrected issues for hosted dealers when printing and posting checks. 
  • Updates now allow dealers to generate and print the Genesis Financial Statement. 
  • Modifications to the Sales Commission report include a new section at the end of the report that lists the sales in order by the salesperson ID number. 
  • Changes to the Vehicle Sales report include a total line for the commissionable gross column. 
  • Updates to the Standard Entries will now prompt you to verify you want to post the reverse entry when selected. 
  • Modifications corrected misspellings in the system.




  • Changes to the Kia Communications fixed various issues users experienced while working in the screen. 


  • Changes to the Toyota Special Service Campaign (SSC) integration ensure the integration is only available for Gulf State Toyota dealers. 
  • Updates to the Service Scheduler fixed issues with the scheduler crashing when integrated with OEM scheduler integrations.   
  • Modifications ensure stock numbers don't change on the Repair Order or Service Scheduler screens. 



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