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Autosoft DMS 7.6.1 Release (Feb. 17, 2019)

Autosoft -

The Autosoft DMS 7.6.1 release contains some valuable improvements to the Accounting and Parts applications, as well as a number of bug fixes. 



Functionality added to allow more than 55 Invoices to be Paid to Accounts Payables

Benefit:  Easily pay more than 55 invoices to a single Accounts Payable vendor with one check.

Detail:  Autosoft has improved the AP vendor batch and miscellaneous payment feature to allow
more than 55 invoices to be paid on a single check.

Changes to the AP vendor check process include:

  • When a vendor has more than one check's worth of invoices compiled, the total number of checks is displayed under the vendor instead of listing each individually (in the View Current Active List, Edit Generated List, Print Batch Checks). If only one check was compiled, the system displays "1."
  • In Edit Generated List, when a vendor has multiple checks, View Vendor Account allows the user to select any invoices to be paid, and upon clicking OK, the check(s) for that vendor will be recompiled. This behaves the same as a vendor with only one check's worth of invoices.
  • When multiple checks exist, the first check lists the total amount being paid by all the checks. The remaining checks list additional invoices but have $0 value and say VOID.
  • The Journal Entry from Print Proof Of Entries, Daily Journals (if batch posted), and View A Document (which is available after posting) displays the document to all checks and the first check number. The additional checks have their respective check number as the document number, $0.00 credit, and the Description will be "Check1# Vendor Number."
  • The check line has been added back to the check stub for both Miscellaneous and AP Batch checks.


Batch Checks

For A/P batch check payments, the process to generate a list hasn't changed. The user enters A/P
Batch Checks and generate or select vendors as usual and will receive the compiled list's total
balance. When viewing the Current Active List, a column will indicate the number of checks being
used directly to the right of the vendor account number, as it shows in Edit Generated List. The
warning "The Generated List Indicates 1 Check(s) With A Negative Balance. Edit Accordingly." will no longer populate. The user will be alerted when entering the Edit Generated List that the list contains a vendor(s) who will have multiple checks used. The screen will list each vendor with the total number of checks to be used per vendor. Upon editing the number of invoices to be paid, the
number of checks will adjust accordingly. Current Active List will have an additional column that
shows the user the number of checks being used for each vendor, as the Edit Generated List screen shows. Once the information is correct, the user will go to Print Batch Checks where they will put the first vendor to begin printing in the Start With Account and the last to print in the End With Account, enter, and print.


Export Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables printouts to Excel

Benefit:  Easily export Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable data to Microsoft Excel, allowing you to access and manipulate the saved reports from your local hard drive.

Detail:  An additional option has been added to the print prompt that allows you to export the report data to Microsoft Excel. This functionality has been added to the following AP and AR reports:

  • AR Print Schedule
  • AR Print Short List
  • AR FaStatement
  • AP Print Schedule
  • AP Print Open Invoice Only
  • AP Print Short List
  • AP FaStatement

When you select to print one of these reports, you will see a new Export to Excel option on the "Is Your Printer Ready" prompt.  Click to select this option. 


When the report is ready, the system will display a prompt indicating the location and name for the report. The location will vary based on your dealership's network configuration, and the name will vary based on which report you selected to print. Simply open this file in Microsoft Excel.





System verifies exclusive access to the price tape before the price tape download begins 

Benefit:  Ensure success of the monthly price tape update by identifying if users are in the system and have the price tape file open before the download process starts. 

Detail:  The check to identify if any users have the price tape file open has been moved to the start of the price tape download process. This will identify if any users are in the system and if they have the price tape file open. Since exclusive access to the price tape is required for a successful price tape update, this allows you to ensure your price tape update completes on the first attempt. 

If a user is in the system and has the price tape file open, you will see a warning when you attempt to download the price tape. You will need to make sure the users are out of the system before you attempt to start the download again. You will continue to see the warning until the system has exclusive access to the price tape file and, therefore, can complete the update successfully. 




Other Updates 


  • Changes have been made to the Miscellaneous and Batch Checks areas to remove the Apply to 1099 box since previous changes make it unnecessary to manually apply payments to a vendor’s record.
  • Updates ensure the late fee clears and posts for Detail forward vendors when making a partial payment to an invoice.
  • Modifications ensure post-ahead entries are included in the account balances on the AP List of Items with Due Dates report.


Backup Utility

  • Changes have been made to the Autosoft Backup Utility to ensure the “Next Run Date” displays the proper date after an unattended backup runs. 



  • Changes ensure receipts show on the Cashier Daily Summary when the Control box in the parameters is empty.



  • Changes ensure that Parts ERO Requests don’t print multiple times.
  • Updates ensure the “log lost sale” banner doesn’t obscure the view of the wholesale compensation details.
  • Modifications have been made to allow the Cost as a Percentage of Sale parameter in the Part Operating Parameters to apply to both counter sales and service sales when the cost information isn't available.  



  • Changes ensure the open repair order alert displays as expected when importing repair orders from DealerFX.
  • Updates ensure purging prewrites does not affect active prewrites.
  • Modifications ensure that quotes generated using outside quotes only pull 12 repair lines.
  • Changes have been made to prevent intermittent errors when navigating between repair order screens.
  • Updates have been made to prevent stock number information from populating when using the Names button to start a repair order.
  • Modifications have been made to ensure the counts are correct on the Advisor/Writer Stats report.
  • Changes have been made to ensure the Subaru Warranty integration doesn’t drop the PA claims total.
  • Updates have been made to improve system performance for GM online service scheduling integration when the GM servers can’t be reached.
  • Modifications have been made to ensure the backspace key function properly in the Service Scheduler. 
  • Changes have been made to prevent customer number mismatches.




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