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Feb. 2019 Tips and Tricks (Jan. 28, 2019)

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Accounting Tip: Using the Find Feature in Print to Screen

Did you know an easy way to find a dollar amount, control, or any item you are looking for is to print the corresponding printout to screen? You can then press CTRL+F on your keyboard to access the Find feature in the PDF reader. Simply type the information you want to find within the document and press ENTER (or click Next) to find each occurrence of the text you specified.


Print to Screen not Working Properly
Using the Find Feature in the Accounting Module



Fixed Ops Tip: Using Parts Kits

Did you know that the parts kits you create are available throughout the Parts Inventory module? You can pull parts kits directly to counter slips and repair orders from the Counter Sales and Service Sales screens through the Lists button on the screen.



In addition, you can pull parts kits to the Parts Queries screen using the Parts Kits button. Once pulled to the Parts Queries screen, you can “dump” the list to a counter slip, repair order, quote, or the order que.



You can add additional parts kits to the system through the Special Inventories accessed from the Parts main menu. When creating the kits, you can create multiple parts kits that are used for the same service but set different pricing for each pay type as needed. At the time of sale, you would pull the corresponding pay-type kit to the document. Parts kits are used for customer pay and internal sales.


Creating Parts Kits
Pulling Parts Kits to the Parts Queries Screen


Sales and F&I Tip: Editing Roles

Did you know that the Security Setup provides a way to quickly edit user permissions for numerous employees from one screen? Use the following instructions to use the Security Setup.

Step 1. Click Setup.

Step 2. Hover Security and click Roles.



Step 3. The left side of the screen displays the active employees. Click the employee whose permissions you want to edit.

Step 4. The employee’s permissions display on the right side of the screen. Edit the permissions as needed.


Step 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each employee whose permissions you need to edit.


Setting Role-Based Permissions
Managing Roles


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