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Running an Exception Report

Autosoft -

Autosoft's Exception Report lists changes to the system-calculated labor sales pricing amount or trouble code/service menu operation code-defined pricing. The report lists each change by the repair order number, repair line, repair order type, menu trouble code, pay type, the advisor or writer, change type, original value, new value, date and time of the change, and the user or PC used to make the change.

To run the Exception Report, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Service Writing menu, select Reports & Updates. The Service Reports/Updates menu opens. 

Step 2. Click Miscellaneous Service Reports to open the menu of the same name.

Step 3. Select Exception Report. The Exception Report box opens to the right of the menu. 


Step 4. Use the From and To fields to enter the date range you'd like the report to cover.

Step 5. Use the Include options to select the Service department areas you'd like to include in the report. Choose from Service, Contracts, Body Shop, and Quick Lube. You can select multiple Service areas. 

Step 6. Click Go

Step 7. The system prompts you to verify your printer is ready. Select To Printer to send the report to the printer, To Screen to view the report on screen, or Export to Excel to save the report as a Microsoft Excel document. 

Step 8. Click Print.

If you selected Export to Excel in the previous step, the system notifies you that the file has been created directs you to its location on your system. The file is named ServiceExceptionReport.xls. If your dealership uses an in-house server-based DMS, the file is saved in the C:\ drive's ASIXL folder. If your dealership uses the hosted Autosoft DMS solution, the file is saved in the K:\ drive's ASIXL folder. Click OK to dismiss the message. 


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