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Dec. 2018 Tips and Tricks (Nov. 26, 2018)

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Accounting Tip: Adjusting Journal 30, 70, or 80 Entries 

Did you know you can adjust an entry that was posted under journal 30, 70, or 80? To adjust a general journal entry, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. Click General - Purchases - Receipts on the Journal Entries menu.

Step 3. The Journal Entries menu opens. Select Adjust General Journals.


Step 4. A pop-up displays a message regarding the conditions under which the adjustment utility can be used. After reading the message, click OK to dismiss it.


Step 5. The Adjust General Journals screen opens. In the Document field, type the document number you wish to adjust.


Step 6. The Journal field populates with the journal number where the document was found, and the screen displays the journal entry with the specified document number. If the document you're looking for isn't the one listed for the journal, click the Next Journal button at the bottom of the screen to select another journal.


Step 7. Click a line to edit the information.

Step 8. The Original field displays the original amount posted to the transaction line. To edit the amount, type the new amount in the Adjusted field.Step 7. Click a line to edit the information.

To change the General Ledger account, enter the new account in the G/L field.

To change the control, click in or enter to the Control field and use the Schedules button at the bottom of the screen to search for existing controls for the account.

Step 9. ENTER through the line to save the changes.

Lines that have been adjusted will be marked with an asterisk (*). The last two columns on the screen will show the Debits and Credits for the adjustment after a change has been made. The adjusted lines' Description fields will contain a prefix of (RE) for reversed and (RP) for re-post, followed by the original description.


Step 10. To print the adjustments, click the Print button, select To Printer or To Screen, and click Print again. The Adjust General Journals report will only display the lines of the entry that have been adjusted.


Step 11. The entry must balance before posting. Click Post Transaction to post the adjustments made to the correct month.

Step 12. The system will verify that you wish to post the entry. Click OK to continue.

Important:  Once a line has been adjusted, the line cannot be successfully edited again. If an incorrect change was made before posting, click Clear to clear the entry from the screen and start over.



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Fixed Ops Tip: Performing a Physical Cycle Inventory 

With year end approaching, you should be getting ready to do a full cycle inventory. Use the instructions linked below to help you complete your cycle inventory with ease.

Click here to view instructions for completing a full cycle inventory.



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Sales and F&I Tip: Editing a Store Name

Did you know that you can control the store name that prints at the top of most deal forms? Autosoft Sales and F&I allows anyone in your dealership with permissions to edit the Dealership Setup in the Setup module to change the store name so it properly reflects how you need the name to print. To edit the store name, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Log into Sales and F&I using an account that has permissions to edit Dealership Setup.

Step 2. Click Setup.


Step 3. Once you’re in Setup, click on the Stores tab.


Step 4. A list of the stores created in your system will display. Double-click on the store you’d like to edit.

Step 5. Click in the Name field and edit the name to reflect what needs to print on the deal forms for this store.


Step 6. Click Save and Close.

Note: You can purchase additional stores through the Autosoft Dealer Select function, which allows you to specify different store information be printed on deal forms through a drop-down list on the Deal Forms page. Also note that changing this name information will NOT change the dealership name displayed at the top of the Sales and F&I screen. If you need to edit the dealership name, call Autosoft Support.



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