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Viewing Subsource Part Detail

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The View Part Data button on the Subsource Settings screen allows you to look up a part to see what the results would be if the part were assigned to the subsource selected on the previous screen. These results are not based on the subsource to which the part is actually assigned.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Resupply & Returns. The Resupply and Returns menu opens. 

Step 2. Under the Resupply column, click Set Supply Parameters. The Resupply Parameters menu opens. 


Step 3. Click Subsource Management. The Subsource Settings screen appears.

Step 4. In Subsource, type the three-digit code for the subsource or click the subsource in the list on the right side of the screen. The description for this subsource populates the field next to the code. 


Step 5. Click View Part Data. The Part Detail screen appears.


Step 6. In Part, type the part number for the part you want to see. The information for the part populates the screen.

 The first section on the screen displays the information from the part's master inventory record.

The Phase-In, Phase-Out, Suggested Order, and Sales Level fields display the results if the part were to be added to the current subsource.

The remaining fields display information from the part's master inventory record.

The 12 Month Sales section displays information from the part's master inventory record.

Step 7. Click Sales History to view a list of documents this part appears on for the current month. Click Back to close the sales data.

Step 8. When you are finished, enter another part number, or click Close to return to the Subsource Management screen.


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