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Generating Parts Order Lists Using Micro-Management

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If you specified to use the micro-management criteria to generate your order list, the Generate Order List Using 'Micro-Management' screen appears when you select the option to scan the inventory. The system uses the information entered on this screen and the information entered on the Source Resupply Setup screen to generate a suggested parts order based on the current inventory.

Step 1. Click Resupply & Returns on the Parts Inventory menu. The Resupply and Returns menu opens.

Step 2. From the Resupply and Returns menu, select Generate Order List.

Step 3. Click Scan Inventory for List. The Generate Order List Using 'Micro-Management' screen appears.


Step 4. In For Order Code, type the order code for the type of order you want to generate. The standard OEM codes are listed at the top of the screen for reference. These codes are entered in the Order Code field on the Master Inventory screen. You can enter custom codes as long as they appear in the Order Code field. Leave this field blank if you want to scan all active parts in your inventory.

Step 5. In Promotion Code, type the promotion code you want to scan. There are 36 valid codes (0 through 9 and A through Z). Leave this field blank if you want to generate an order for all of the codes. If the For Order Code field is left blank to scan the entire inventory, the Promotion Code field is skipped.

Step 6. In Price Symbol Code, type the price symbol code to scan or leave the field blank. (The cursor advances to this field if you leave the For Order Code field blank.)

Step 7. In Application Code, type the application code to scan, or leave the field blank.

Step 8. Use the Scan For Daily/Weekly field to indicate the type of list you want to generate. Type D to generate a daily stock order or W to generate a weekly stock order. D is used mainly by dealers who participate in special stock order programs. Do not select this factor unless your supplier offers or requires a daily stock order. Also, do not confuse a daily stock order with special or emergency orders that can also be placed on a daily basis.

Step 9. Use the Include Non-Returnable Parts field to indicate if you want the list to include parts that are flagged non-returnable. This is determined by the code in the Return Code field on the Master Inventory screen. Type Y for yes or N for no. If your supplier does not flag returnable parts with an R, always enter N for no. Otherwise, the list will be blank.

Remember, parts flagged as * are never considered for reorder. The scan will also ignore all superseded parts and any non-returnable parts that have both no sales history and no minimum and maximum stocking levels.

Step 10. Use the Ignore Negative On-Hand Quantities In Inventory field to indicate if you want the scan to ignore parts that have negative on-hand quantities. Type Y for yes or N for no. Generally, Y is used to compensate for cases that arise when special order parts have been prepaid by the customer on a counter slip. You should use N if you frequently purchase parts on an emergency basis but do not stock them in because you rely on monthly inventory maintenance to set negative on-hand quantities to zero.

Step 11. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to generate the order.

Step 12. The system displays the progress of the scan at the bottom of the screen.

Step 13. The system prompts you when the list is ready. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

Step 14. The system returns you to the Generate Order List menu.



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