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Printing a List of Stocked-in Orders

Autosoft -

You use the third Special Orders/Order Que menu option (List Orders Stocked In) to print a list of order que parts stocked into inventory. These are the parts on purchase orders that have been receipted into the inventory. For each part stocked in, the printout lists the document number, part number, order quantity, on-hand quantity, and the customer who ordered the part.

Step 1. Click Resupply & Returns on the Parts Inventory menu. The Resupply and Returns menu appears.

Step 2. In the Resupply column, click Order Que–Special Orders. The Special Orders/Order Que menu opens.


Step 3. Click List Orders Stocked In.

Step 4. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, click to select To Printer to print the information or To Screen to view the information on your screen.

Step 5. Once you select your print type, click Print.


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