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Viewing the Processed Order Que

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The second button (View/Edit Processed Order Que Parts) on the Special Orders/Order Que menu allows you to view and edit the processed orders. The processed order que is a list of parts that have been pulled to an order using the Pull Order Que To List button on the Generate Order List menu (the first menu option on the Resupply and Returns menu) and parts that have been stocked using the Receipt Stock Orders menu (accessible from the third menu option on the Resupply and Returns menu).

Step 1. Click Resupply & Returns on the Parts Inventory menu. The Resupply and Returns menu appears.

Step 2. In the Resupply column, click Order Que–Special Orders. The Special Orders/Order Que menu opens.


Step 3. Click View/Edit Processed Order Que Parts. The system displays all the processed parts orders. The screen displays the part number, quantity, source number, order type, document number, order date, customer’s name, customer’s phone number, and order status.  

Step 4. Type the document number or purchase order number for the order you want to view or click the document in the list. A list of the parts for the selected order is displayed. View the information as needed.

Step 5. If necessary, click Print List to print a list of the parts or Print Labels to print labels for the parts on the list. (Labels require a Zebra LP2844 thermal laser printer. The printer requires 1x4 labels available for purchase through Zebra.).

Step 6. Click Part List to display the complete list of processed orders again.

Step 7. Click Exit to return to the Special Orders/Order Que menu.



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