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Printing the Order Que

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You can print a list of parts in the processed order que. When you print the processed order que list, you have the option of specifying the number of days you want to use to filter the list. This allows you to view parts that have been in the order que longer than the specified number of days. If you want to print a list of all the processed orders in the order que, use 0 (zero) as the number of days. For each part in the order que, the printout lists the part number, control number, order quantity, on-hand quantity, the customer who ordered the part, the customer’s phone number, the order date, the stocked-in date, and the date customer notices were printed for the order. 

Step 1. Click Resupply & Returns on the Parts Inventory menu. The Resupply and Returns menu appears.

Step 2. In the Resupply column, click Order Que–Special Orders. The Special Orders/Order Que menu opens.


Step 3. Select Print Order Que

Step 4. The Print Order Queue for Current Source box opens. Select the Sort Option. You can choose to sort the order que by PN (Part Number), Doc (Document Number), Adv, or CID. 


Step 5. Type the Days On-Hand In Stock value you want to use. This lists all parts older than the number of days specified. Use 0 (zero) to print a list of all parts in the order que.

Step 6. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, click to select To Printer to print the information or To Screen to view the information on your screen.

You can also choose Export to Excel to create a Microsoft Excel document containing the data. This will allow you to sort, work with, and save the data.

Step 7. Once you select your print criteria, click Print.

If you chose to export the order que to Excel, the system will prompt you that the file has been created and will provide the file location and name. Dealerships using an on-site server-based DMS will find the file in the ASIXL folder of the C:\ drive, while dealerships using the hosted DMS solution will find the file in the ASIXL folder of the K:\ drive. The file will be saved as ORDERQUE.XLS in either circumstance. 



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