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Adding Parts to the Order Que

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You begin the process of adding parts to the Order Que by creating a parts list on the Parts Queries screen. You can manually type a list or select a saved list or pre-built list. Once you create the list, you dump the list to the Order Que. 

Step 1. Click Queries on the Parts Inventory menu. The Parts Queries screen opens.


Step 2. In the Part Number field, type the part numbers for the parts you want to order, or select an existing parts list using the Load Job List button. As you add parts to the Parts Queries screen, you can verify quantities and pricing information for parts as needed. 

Step 3. When you are finished generating the parts list, click Dump To. The Dump To screen appears. 


Step 4. Click Dump To Order Que. The system advances you to the Order Que screen.


Step 5. The window on the right side of the screen displays a list of the parts that will be added to the Order Que. The Order column indicates if each part is in stock or needs to be ordered.  Click a part to toggle the status from “In Stk” to “Order” (and vice versa).

Step 6. In the Document field, type the document number for the order. This is the special order number, repair order number, or customer purchase order number. If there is no document number related to the order, or if your dealership does not have a standard method of numbering documents, press ENTER to advance through this field, and the program will automatically generate a document number consisting of the day of the month, hour, and minute the order was created.

Step 7. Next, you have three options depending on who ordered the parts:

A. If the parts are for a service customer, type the last eight characters of the VIN in Last 8, or click Service Customers to search for the customer. If you typed an existing repair order number for the document number, the Last 8 field automatically populates with the last eight characters of the VIN entered on the repair order. For Service customers, you must enter either the repair order number as the document number or last eight characters of the VIN so the system can match the order with the appropriate repair order number when the order is pulled to the repair order. 

B. If the parts are for a wholesale customer, type the customer’s account number in Cust No or click Wholesale Customers to search for the customer.  

C. If you press ENTER to advance through both the Last 8 and Cust No fields, “Stock” automatically fills in the Customer No field, and “(Stock Order)” automatically fills in as the customer’s name. This allows the program to flag the order as a stock order.  Since the order is not for a customer, the program will automatically remove the order from the Order Que when the purchase order is receipted into inventory. 

Step 8. If you selected a service or wholesale customer, the customer’s name, address, and phone number automatically populate the fields on the bottom of the screen.

Step 9. If the parts are non-stocked parts, click to check the checkbox to the right of Activate Non-Stock Parts Bin and use the Non-Stock Parts in Bin fields below the checkbox to type the Bin, Drawer, and Shelf where the parts should be stocked when they arrive. The Bin field automatically defaults to SPO for non-stocked parts.

Step 10. Indicate if this is a pre-paid order. Type Y for yes or N for no.

Step 11. Click the button that corresponds to the type of order this is: Emergency Order (E), Daily Order (D), or Stock Order (S). The corresponding letter will populate the field next to the buttons. You use the order type you assign the order on this screen to specify which orders you want to pull to the current resupply list when you generate a parts order.

Step 12. When you are finished, click OK.

Step 13. When prompted, click All Parts to send all parts on the list to the Order Que or Flagged Parts to send only the parts flagged “Order” to the Order Que.

Step 14. When prompted to print the order, you have two options:

A. Click Skip to skip printing the order. The system returns you to the Dump To screen.

B. Click to select To Printer to print the order or To Screen to view the order on your screen. Type the number of copies you want to print and click Print. The system returns you to the Dump To screen.

Step 15. Click Back to close the Dump To screen.

Step 16. If you are finished working on the Parts Queries screen, click Exit.


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