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Viewing Order Information from the Parts Queries Screen

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On the Parts Queries screen, you can click the on-hand quantity (O/H column) for a part, and the  Inquire On Ordered Part screen will display order information for the part. If orders have been receipted in for a part, the O/H column turns pink to alert the user. The order information is useful because it allows you to see what amount of the on-hand quantity is made up of parts that are reserved for customer orders. This will give you a more accurate assessment of your on-hand quantities as you work on this screen.

The top of the screen lists any orders that have been placed for the part. Orders appear in this section once they are pulled to a purchase order. It lists the parts number, part description, purchase order, order date, customer’s name, order quaintly, back order quantity, and on-hand quantity.    

The bottom of the screen lists any orders that have been receipted in. Orders appear in this section once the purchase order is updated to inventory. This section lists the part number, part description, purchase order number, stock date, customer’s name, order quantity, and on-hand quantity. 

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