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Creating a New List on the Parts Queries Screen

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Parts lists used to group parts that are used together for a particular service. These parts lists can contain up to 29 parts. You can pull the pre-built lists on the Parts Queries screen at any time to view parts pricing and stocking information for all of the parts on the list.

Step 1. Click Queries on the Parts Inventory menu. The Parts Queries screen opens.


Step 2. If necessary, click Clear List to clear the screen. The button will reflect the temporary list currently selected.

Step 3. Click one of the Temp List tabs at the bottom of the screen. You can create nine temporary lists using these tabs.

Step 4. If you will be using the data for an estimate, select the pricing level you want to use from the Estimate-Pricing Levels list. 

Step 5. Type the part number in the Part Number field. If the part is in your inventory, the remaining fields on the line populate with the appropriate part information. 


Step 6. If a part has stock in both bins, a yellow check mark will appear beside the Location field for the part. Hold the mouse button down on the check mark to view the bins and on-hand quantities for the part.

Step 7. If a part is on order, a yellow check mark will appear beside the O/O field for that part.  Click the check mark (or the O/O field) to view the Order Que. The list displays information about the order.

Step 8. At any time, type a T in the Part Number field, and the parts list entered will display temporary totals in that line.

Step 9. You can click the D/N column header or press the HOME key to toggle the dealer net price on and off. You can also click the List column header to toggle the list price on and off.  This feature is useful because it allows customers to view the Parts Queries screen without seeing the cost or list prices.

Step 10. The last column automatically displays the Estimate price. You can also view the Internal, Trade, and Service price by clicking the column header or by pressing F11.

Step 11. Click the Page button to toggle the display between pages. Two pages of parts may be entered.  There can be 15 parts per page.  The button description identifies the page you are currently viewing.

Step 12. Click Save Job List. The Save List screen appears.

Step 13. The Create a New Saved List option should be selected.

Step 14. Type the name you want to assign the list in the Enter a List Name field.

Step 15. Click Save.

Step 16. Click OK to acknowledge the list has been saved.


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