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Viewing a List of Repair Orders and the Parts on Each Repair Order

Autosoft -

Use the View R/Os - Service Parts button to view a list of repair orders and the parts on each repair order. 

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Service Sales. The Service R/O Parts menu opens.


Step 2. Select View R/Os - Service Parts. The View Service R/O screen opens. 

Step 3. The screen automatically displays the list of repair orders that have been entered by the Service Department (but not repair orders that have been updated to Accounting) and the parts that have been added to each repair order.

Step 4. If you want to find a specific part, type the part number in the Search R/Os For Part field. The screen displays the RO number and customer name for all repair orders that contain that part.

Step 5. Click an RO number in the list to view a summary of the repair order. Click Back to close the repair order.

Step 6. Click Back to close the lists screen.

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