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Generating a New Sublet Purchase Order

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You use the Sublet Purchase Orders screen to post sublet purchase orders. You may exit this screen while a partial purchase order is posted. The system displays a message when you exit the screen and warns you that you have not saved the entry. You may exit the screen or choose to clear the transaction at this time. If you exit, the partial purchase order will automatically display when you return to the screen. This function is “client” dependent, so the purchase order is only saved on the computer on which you were working and for the operator ID in use when it was created. The transaction remains until you complete and save it or until you clear it. 

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Service Sales. The Service R/O Parts menu opens.


Step 2. Select Sublet Purchase Orders. The Sublet Purchase Orders screen opens.


The system automatically assigns a purchase order number when you save the transaction. The number will display in the P.O. Number field.

Step 3. The system date automatically populates the P.O. Date field. You can edit the date as needed.

Step 4. In Requested By, type the name of the person who requested the purchase. This is a required entry.

Step 5. In Ship Via, type the shipping method.

Step 6. Use the Memo field to enter any additional information about the purchase as needed.

Step 7. In R/O Number, type the repair order associated with the purchase. This must be a valid repair order number. 

You can also use the R/O List button to select the repair order from a list. Click the repair order to select it. The repair order number populates the R/O Number field. 

Step 8. In Repair Number, type the repair from the repair order that requires the sublet.

Step 9. The fields in the upper-right corner of the screen are for the vendor information. If this is a new vendor, type the required vendor information in each field.       

You can pull a vendor’s information from the vendor’s record in the Accounting module by clicking Vendors. Type the first letter of the vendor’s name. The list screen displays a list of vendors whose name begins with the letter. Click to select the vendor, and the vendor’s information populates the screen.

Step 10. The system automatically generates the Line number as you add items to the purchase order.

Step 11. The Item field is optional. Use it to identify the sublet item or to record the vendor’s stock number.

Step 12. In Qty, type the quantity of the item purchased. This is a required entry.

Step 13. Use the Description field to type a description of the sublet.

Step 14. In Amount, type the amount of the item. The Extension field automatically fills in based on the values entered in the Qty and Amount fields.

Step 15. When you advance to the G/L field, a list of the available General Ledger accounts is displayed. (The accounts pull from the Sublet Purchase Order Setup in the Cashier module.)  Click the account you want to select.

The line is automatically “filed.”

Step 16. Continue to add lines as needed. As you add lines, the Total PO field automatically calculates the total.

Step 17. When you're finished, click Print to save and print the purchase order, or click Save Only to save the purchase order without printing.



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