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Viewing Emergency Stock Part Information on the Service R/O Parts Screen

Autosoft -

Once a repair order is pulled, the Emergency Stock button appears at the bottom of the Service R/O Parts screen. Use this button to open the Part Data/Emergency Order screen to view detailed part information or to receipt a part you ordered for the sale into inventory.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Service Sales. The Service R/O Parts menu opens. 


Step 2. Click Line Parts. The Service R/O Parts screen opens. If you do not integrate with Service Writing, this screen automatically opens when you click Service Part Sales on the Parts Inventory menu.

Step 3. Type the repair order number in R/O or use the R/O List button to select the repair order from a list of active repair orders. The repair order details calculate the screen, and the Emerg (Emergency) Stock button replaces the Lists button on the screen. 

Step 4. Click the part for which you want to view emergency stock part information to pull the part to the working line. The part number appears in the Part Number field.

Step 5. Click Emerg Stock. The part information is displayed on the Part Data/Emergency Order screen. This information is for reference only. No changes can be made on this screen.

Step 6. Click Back to return to the Service R/O Parts screen.


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