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Pulling Parts Kits to the Service R/O Parts Screen

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You can pull parts from a parts kit to the repair order. You create parts kits using the Parts Kits option on the Special Inventories menu. You must pull the parts kit before you select the repair order.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Service Sales. The Service R/O Parts menu opens. 


Step 2. Click Line Parts. The Service R/O Parts screen opens. If you do not integrate with Service Writing, this screen automatically opens when you click Service Part Sales on the Parts Inventory menu.


Step 3. Click Lists. The Pull Order Que Orders screen opens, displaying a list of parts in the Order Que. The screen lists the part number, quantity, inventory source for the part, document number, order date, customer’s name, and order status.


Step 4. Click Parts Kits on the Pull Order Que Order screen.

Step 5. Click to select the kit you want to pull. The screen displays the detail for the kit. (Click Sort to display the list of parts kits again as needed.)   


Step 6. Click Pull To Invoice to pull the kit to the counter slip.

Step 7. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to pull the kit. You're returned to the Service R/O Parts screen. 

Step 8. In the R/O field, type the repair order number or use the R/O List button to select the repair order.

Step 9. When prompted, type the repair number for the repair that requires the parts.


Step 10. Enter the Salesman code, Price Code, Discount Level, and Special Parts Discount.

Step 11. When the cursor advances to the Part Number field, the parts on the kit will be added to the repair order. The Price for the individual parts will be 0.00. The parts kit ID will display as the last part line and display the total price for the kit.

Step 12. The W field for parts kits parts displays "&" to help quickly identify parts kit parts. Parts kits parts do not need to be processed individually like parts added through the Service module (parts that display "#" in the W field). The parts are automatically processed when the parts kit is pulled to the repair order.

Step 13. Add any additional parts as needed and continue to process the counter slip as usual. 


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