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Removing/Returning a Part from a Saved Repair Order

Autosoft -

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Service Sales. The Service R/O Parts menu opens. 


Step 2. Click Line Parts. The Service R/O Parts screen opens. If you do not integrate with Service Writing, this screen automatically opens when you click Service Part Sales on the Parts Inventory menu.


Step 3. Pull the repair order by clicking the R/O List button and selecting the repair order from the list or by simply typing the RO Number in the R/O field.

Step 4. Click the part you wish to remove or return in the list.

Step 5. Click in the Qty field, and type 0 (zero) as the quantity (or the number returned from a multiple quantity sale).

Step 6. Press ENTER to file the part.

Step 7. Click Save to save the repair order. The part is removed from the repair order.


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