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Sept. 2018 Tips and Tricks (Sept. 10, 2018)

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Accounting Tip: Viewing Previously Entered Documents

Did you know you can view previously entered documents in the Accounting module?

Step 1. While in any entry screen within the Dealership Accounting module, click on the Schedules quick tab at the top of the screen.


Step 2. The Schedules screen opens. Click the Documents button in the lower-right corner of the screen. 


Step 3. The View a Document screen opens. Type a document number in the View Document field or use the Document List button to recall an existing document. 


Entering a document number or selecting a document from the list populates a previously entered document's details to the screen. 



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Fixed Ops Tip: Understanding Recent Changes to the Service Module's Customer Information Screen

Several changes were recently released for the Customer Information screen accessible from the Service Writing module's main menu. To learn how to best take advantage of these enhancements, please see the information below: 

Recalling a Customer’s Information

You can recall a customer’s information in three ways using the Customer Information screen:

  1. Type the vehicle's full VIN or the last eight characters of the VIN in the VIN field. The associated customer and vehicle record will populate the screen.
  2. Click into the Customer Number or Last 8 field. The Customer Search Criteria screen opens. Once there, you can search using the methods listed below (under #3).
  3. Click Search Customers (or press F3). The Customer Search Criteria screen opens. Once there, you can search using the methods listed below.
  • Type the first three letters of the customer’s last name in the Name field. The system searches the first three characters in the Customer Number field in the customer’s file for the letters specified, so the accuracy of the search results with this search option are dependent on you properly entering customer numbers in the system. The customer number should consist of the first three letters of the customer’s last name followed by the last six characters of the VIN.
  • Type a full or partial customer name in the Full or Partial Name field. A list of customers whose names match what you've entered populates the screen.
  • Type the last four digits of the customer’s home phone number in Phone.
  • Type the customer’s license plate number in License.  
  • Type the last eight characters of the vehicle's VIN in the Last 8 field to open the customer record associated with the corresponding VIN.
  • Type the Customer Number or vehicle Stock Number in the Customer/Stock Number field to open the customer record to which the information is associated.

A list of the customers who meet the criteria you entered appears (except for the last two search methods, which will populate the appropriate information in the Customer Information screen). Click the customer you want to select. The customer’s information populates the screen.

You can also scroll through the customer list by clicking on the arrows on each side of the Customer Search button. Click < to displays the previous customer’s information. Click > to display the next customer’s information. 

Additionally, you can pull up a customer and vehicle record by typing the last eight characters of the customer vehicle's VIN in the VIN field. A tooltip message informs you when you hover over the empty VIN field that you must enter at least the last eight characters of the VIN.  

Editing a Customer’s Information

Autosoft has made improvements to ensure the system warns you when you make any changes to the customer name or customer vehicle VIN that could alter the Customer Number. 

If you change or remove a customer's last name or edit the customer's VIN, a warning will alert you that the Customer Number will be altered to reflect the change. To continue, click OK. To cancel the change, click Cancel.



Autosoft DMS Release 7.5.3 (July 23, 2018)
Service Customer Info & Express Scheduling (Webinar)


Sales and F&I Tip: Making Your Password Last More than 90 Days

Want to make your password last more than 90 days before it must be reset?

It's easy to change the setting!

Step 1. Click the Setup button in the blue navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

Step 2. The module opens to the System screen's Dealership Information page.  

Step 3. Click on the Security button in the horizontal bar below the Dealership Summary Card. The dealership's Security page opens. 

Step 4. In the card at the top of the Security page, use the Dealership Password Timeout (Days) field to change the number of days passwords will be valid before a reset is necessary. You can set this to a maximum of 270 days.


Step 5. Click Save



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