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Entering Service Menu Parts

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The Service Menu Parts screen is used to enter any parts needed for a service repair entered as a menu item. You can enter up to 18 parts and specify special parts pricing as needed. 

The Service Menu Parts screen opens after clicking Next when adding a new menu item to the Enter Service Menu Ops screen. 

Step 1. In LN, type the line number you are adding, or click the line number.

Step 2. Type the part number and press ENTER. The part description automatically populates the Desc. field.

Step 3. Use the Qty field to indicate the quantity of the part needed for the repair. This field defaults to 1 but may be edited as needed.

Step 4. The blue Cost and Price fields are only used if there is a special price for the parts used in this service. Otherwise, the normal cost for customer, internal, and warranty repairs (displayed in the tan fields to the right) will apply.

Step 5. Press ENTER to advance through the fields and to file the part. It is added to the list.

Step 6. Continue to enter parts as needed. When you are finished adding parts, click Next to advance to the Customer Presentation screen Save to save the menu code without adding any additional information. 


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