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Printing the Added Operations Report

Autosoft -

Autosoft DMS has the ability to track and report any repair lines added to repair orders after the repair order is created and printed. This allows you to easily track upsells and warranty added operations on your repair orders.

Any repair lines manually added after the initial repair order has been created and printed or dumped from a quote to the already printed repair order are flagged so when you click Print from the Enter Conditions screen, the print options include Add-Ons Only

Selecting Add-Ons Only prints the RO number, RO date, advisor, technician, customer, vehicle, added operation line details, pay type, and parts and labor amounts for the repair lines added after the initial repair order was printed. 

To print the Added Operations report, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Service Writing menu, select Reports & Updates. The Service Reports/Updates menu opens.

Step 2. Click Miscellaneous Service Reports. The Miscellaneous Service Reports menu opens.

Step 3. Select Additional Operations. The Added Repairs box opens to the right of the menu.


Step 4. Use the From and To fields to set the date range for which you'd like to run the report.

Step 5. Use the checkboxes to the left of ServiceBody ShopContracts, and Quick Lube to select which area or areas of your shop you want to generate the report. 

Step 6. Click Go

Step 7. When the system asks you to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria. Select To Printer to send the report to the printer, To Screen to view the report on your monitor, or Export to Excel to save the document as an Excel file. Click Print.

If you selected Export to Excel, the system will notify you when the file has been saved and will list the location: C:\ASIXL\ADDEDREPAIR.XLS if your Autosoft DMS is housed on an in-house server or K:\ASIXL\ADDEDREPAIR.XLS if your dealership uses the hosted Autosoft DMS. Click OK to dismiss the message and navigate to the file. 


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