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Creating Alphabetical Operator IDs for Cashier Users

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The ability to create alphabetical operator IDs in the Operator Accounting Passwords screen's Cashier tab greatly increases the number of operator IDs that can be accommodated for a dealership in the Cashier module.

To create alphabetical operator IDs for users of the Cashier module, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Autosoft DMS main menu, select Accounting. The Dealership Accounting menu opens.

Step 2. Select Utilities

Step 3. From the Utilities menu, select Passwords. The Passwords menu appears.

Step 4. Click Accounting Expanded to open the Operator Accounting Passwords screen.

Step 5. The system will prompt you to enter the master password. If your dealership doesn't have a master password set, the system will display a message to this point; press ENTER. Otherwise, type the master password. The Operator Accounting Passwords screen opens.

Step 6. In Password, type the password you want to assign one of the operators. The password can be up to five alphanumeric characters. Do not use the same passwords used for the System Multi-Level passwords. Expanded passwords should be unique to each user.

Step 7. In Name, type the operator’s name.

Step 8. In Operator ID, type the operator's ID (1 through 9 or a through z). For alpha character IDs, you should use the user's initial as the ID when possible. This will make it easier to assign and identify the ID.

Step 9. Tabs for the Accounting main menu and each sub-menu the operators can access in Accounting (Journal Entries, Payroll, etc.) are arranged across the screen under the password setup area. Each tab contains selections for each button on the menu. You can grant or restrict access to an area. The default for this screen is that all items are checked, which allows the operator access to all areas of the Accounting module.

To limit the user's access to only the Cashier module, removing the check marks from all the other tabs, leaving only the Cashier tab's boxes checked. 


Step 10. Click Save to save the password and settings.

Step 11. The password and operator information is displayed in a list in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on an operator in the list to view and edit the settings as needed.

Step 12. Click Exit to return to the Passwords screen.

Once the alphabetical operator ID is created for a user, the user can log into the Cashier module by typing the alpha or numeric ID assigned to them into the User ID field on the date and time prompt. This will associate any Cashier transactions they perform to their user ID. 


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