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Setting Parameters for Printing Bar Codes on ROs, Counter Slips, and Cash Receipts

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A "Print Bar Codes" parameter on the Cashier Parameters screen enables users to turn bar code printing on and off for various cash receipts. The parameter set includes checkboxes for repair orders (R/Os), counter slips (C/Ss), and Cash Receipts. By default, the R/Os and C/Ss checkboxes are checked, which will print the barcodes on repair orders and counter slips. To print the bar codes on cash receipts, you'll have to check the Cash Receipts box. Unchecking a box will prevent the bar code from printing on that particular document type. 

Scanning a bar code transmits the document's Autosoft account number, cash receipt number, customer name, receipt date, and customer number. 

To set the parameters, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Cashier from the Autosoft DMS startup menu. The Cashier menu opens. 

Step 2. Select Cash Receipts. The Cash Receipts menu opens.

Step 3. Select System Setup to open the Cashier Parameters screen. 


Step 4. In the Print Bar Codes parameter set, the R/Os and C/Ss checkboxes are checked by default while the Cash Receipts checkbox is unchecked by default. If you wish to print bar codes on all of these documents, leave the R/Os and C/Ss boxes checked and check the Cash Receipts box. If you do not want the bar code to print on one or all of these documents, click to uncheck the corresponding box or boxes. 

Step 5. Click Exit to return to the Cash Receipts menu. 


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