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Understanding Service Sales

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The Service R/O Parts menu is used to add parts handled through the Service Department to the repair orders. Access this menu by selecting Service Sales from the Parts Inventory menu. The Service R/O Parts menu opens. 


The first two menu options are used to add parts, sublets, gas, oil, and grease to the repair orders. The third menu option allows you to create sublet purchase orders. The last two menu options are used to manage the repair orders. 

The amount of information you need to enter for each service part sale depends on if you integrate with the Service Writing module. (You indicated if you integrate with Service Writing on the More Operating Defaults screen in the Parts System Setup.) If you integrate with Service Writing, you can pull a repair order the Service Department entered. If you do not integrate with Service Writing, you will have to manually enter the information for each repair order. Either way, the process for adding parts is quick and easy.

Generally, repair orders are started at the Service Desk, and the hard copy of the repair order is given to the technician. When the technician brings the repair order to the Parts Counter, you use the Line Parts button on the Service R/O Parts menu to add parts. If you integrate with the Service Writing Program, you will be able to pull up the repair order and all of the information entered for the service. 

When you charge out parts from the inventory to a repair order, the parts’ cost and price will default to the information set in the price matrix, and the inventory is automatically adjusted. The reverse is true when parts are returned. The part is removed from the repair order and restocked into the inventory.

If you integrate with the Service Writing module, the parts are automatically printed when the repair order is closed at the Service Desk. The completed document goes to Accounting so it can be posted to the books.

If you use subsource management, you specified the pricing you wanted to use for the subsource and whether the pricing should be applied to parts added to repair orders and body shop repair orders when you created your subsources. This is the information specified under Pricing on the Subsource Management screen. When you add a part to one of these documents, the price is calculated based on the pricing specified for the subsource assigned to the part. Similarly, when you update part sales to Accounting, the sales post to the account specified on the Subsource Management screen for the subsource the parts has been assigned. If you did not assign an account to a subsource, the sale will post to the account specified in the Accounting parameters.


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