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Using the QwikLook Button on the Counter Parts Sales Screen

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Use the QwikLook button on the Counter Parts Sales screen to display the QwikLook screen. This screen allows you to view detailed part information without leaving the Counter Parts Sales screen. The information is intended for viewing only. You may edit the on-hand quantity and bin for a part on this screen if your parameters have been set to allow these edits. However, no other information can be edited on this screen. If you need to edit part information, or if your parameters have been set to restrict on-hand quantity and bin edits from this screen, you must use the Master Inventory screen to edit the part information.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Counter Sales. The Counter Parts Sales screen opens.


Step 2. Click QwikLook. The QwikLook screen opens.

Step 3. Type the part number in the Part field and press ENTER.

You can also enter a partial part number and click Search. The system will display the information for the first part that has a number that matches the numbers you entered. Use the arrow buttons on each side of the Search button to scroll through the parts list.

The information displays on the screen.


Step 4. Click History to open the History screen, where you can view the Sales History or Receipt History for the current part using the button of the same name. Click Close to close the history.

Step 5. Click Setting to view the pricing parameters being used to calculate the pricing information.

Step 6. The Corrections button is available based on the Allow ‘On Hand’ Quantity Corrections From Quote/Query field on the More Operating Defaults screen in the Parts System Setup. If this field contains an N, the button is unavailable on the QwikLook screen, and you will have to use the Master Inventory screen to edit the quantity and/or bin.

If this field contains a Y, the Corrections button is available on the QwikLook screen. It allows you to edit the bin and quantity. Click Corrections, and edit the Bin and quantity as needed on the window that appears.


Step 7. Click Save to save the changes and close the Corrections window.

Step 8. Click Close on the QwikLook screen to return to the Counter Parts Sales screen.


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