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Viewing a Wholesale Customer's Sales History

Autosoft -

Use the History button on the Counter Parts Sales screen to view the sales history for a selected wholesale customer. In addition to viewing the detail for each invoice in the customer’s history, you can reprint an invoice from the history.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Counter Sales. The Counter Parts Sales screen opens.


Step 2. Click the History button at the bottom of the screen. The Counter Sales History screen appears.


Step 3. If you have a counter slip on the Counter Parts Sales screen, the customer’s history auto-populates. Otherwise, type the customer number or use the Customer List button to search for a customer.

Step 4. The top of the screen displays the customer's profitability information.

A list of the customer’s counter slips is displayed under Invoice List on the left side of the screen. To view an invoice, type the invoice number or click an invoice in the list. The detail for the counter slip is displayed on the right side of the screen.

Step 5. Click Print to reprint the counter slip from a customer’s history.

Step 6. Click Back to return to the Counter Parts Sales screen.

Tip:  Click Last 25 to view the last 25 counter slips created in the system. Click a slip to view a summary. 



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