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Voiding a Counter Slip

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You can only void an open counter slip. Voiding the order removes all parts from the invoice and restocks them before removing the order from the system. Voided counter slips appear as “Voided Document” in the Active Counter Slips list.    

Tip:  If a password is set in the Accounting module for voiding parts documents, you will have to enter the password to void the counter slip.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Counter Sales. The Counter Parts Sales screen opens.


Step 2. Use the Active Invoices button to open the Active Counter Slips list.


Step 3. Select the open counter slip you wish to void by clicking it in the list. The order populates the Counter Parts Sales screen.


Step 4. Click Void on the bottom of the Counter Parts Sales screen.

Step 5. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, click Void (or Reprint to reprint the slip).

Step 6. Click OK when prompted to verify your printer is ready. The system prints a copy of the counter slip. (If you selected to reprint the slip, you must specify if you want to close and print the slip, invoice it to the Cashier, close & print with the packing list, print the packing list, or print a customer copy but do not close the slip.)

Step 7. If you voided the counter slip, the counter slip is now listed in the Active Counter Slips list as "Voided Document," and the status is "Void."


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