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Posting Tire Tax to a Counter Slip

Autosoft -

To post tire tax to a counter slip, you must make sure that the Operating Parameters for each inventory source specifies the default tire tax per tire. 

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Counter Sales. The Counter Parts Sales screen opens.


Step 2. In the Part Number field, type, “TIRE TAX” as the part number. In order for the system to calculate the tax, you must type the word “tire” and the word “tax” separated by a space. The system will not recognize any other entry as tax.

Step 3. The Price field automatically fills in with the default tire tax entered for the current inventory source.

Step 4. In Qty, type the number of tires that need to be taxed. The system will multiply the tire tax by this quantity to calculate the tire tax.

Step 5. Generate the order.


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