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Creating an Internal Counter Slip

Autosoft -

Use the following instructions to create an internal counter slip. The system does not pull vehicle information to internal counter slips, so you will have to manually enter a description of the vehicle for record management. It may be useful to create a discount level for internal sales.

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory menu, select Counter Slips. The Counter Parts Sales screen opens.

Step 2. Type the stock number in the Customer field.

Step 3. A pop-up alerts you that the customer number does not exist on file. Click OK.


Step 4. In the Name field, enter a brief description of the vehicle.

Step 5. ENTER through to the remaining fields until you reach the "working line" fields.

Step 6. Add the parts to the counter slip.


Step 7. When you are finished, generate the order. You can generate an order by either pressing ENTER from the blank Part Number field and clicking OK when prompted to generate the order, or by clicking Generate Order and clicking OK when prompted to verify you wish to generate the order. 

The program automatically assigns an invoice number when the order is generated.


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