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Understanding Counter Parts Sales

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The Counter Parts Sales screen is used to generate counter slips for over-the-counter parts sales. You can enter new counter slips or pull active invoices to view and edit the information. Counter Parts Sales articles assume that you've entered wholesale customer information into the system.  


You can create counter slips for wholesale and retail (cash sale) customers. You can also create counter slips for internal part sales and recall active invoices so you can review and edit them as needed. 

Note: If the part number you type is for a part that does not have a list price or has a $0 list price or a list price calculated by the default price tape parameters, a red flag message displays, alerting you that the list price was either omitted or calculated. When you complete the entry line, the part appears in the parts list with it's List price in white, highlighted in red.

Once you generate the slip, you have the option of closing and printing the slip on the Counter Parts Sales screen or invoicing the slip to the cashier. The counter slips are not included in the end of day update until they are closed and printed on this screen or until the receipts for the slips are printed in the Cashier module.  

If you use subsource management, you specified the pricing you wanted to use for each subsource and whether the pricing should be applied to parts added to counter slips (including quotes) when you created your subsources. This is the information specified under Pricing on the Subsource Matrix Pricing screen. When you add a part to a counter slip or quote, the price is calculated based on the pricing specified for the subsource assigned to the part. Similarly, when you update parts sales to Accounting, the sales post to the account specified on the Subsource Management screen for the subsource to which the parts are assigned. If you did not assign an account to a subsource, the sale will post to the account specified in the Accounting parameters. 

If you entered Y (yes) in the Use Enhanced Counter Parts Sales Workflow field in the System Setup screen, when you enter a part number in the Part Number field of this screen or click on a part number within an active invoice, a pop-up screen will open at the bottom of the screen in place of the existing invoice information area. This pop-up screen is designed to reduce the keystrokes necessary for entering parts in the invoice and shortening counter parts point-of-sale sales. Once enabled, it will be invoked whether the user is manually entering a part number or using a barcode scanner to enter the part.

Tip: Use the QwikLook button to open the QwikLook screen. This screen is the same as the QwikLook screen available from the Parts Queries screen. Use it to view detailed part information. This information pulls from the Master Inventory file for the part.


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